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  • susi strolch 4 years ago

    r u mentally retarded ?

  • NBAHighlightsDaily2 4 years ago

    Sorry Everyone I accidentally uploaded the wrong game. It wont happen again

  • K Balla 4 years ago

    Westbrook needs to let Kevin do his thing in the 4th 

  • Zed Zorander 4 years ago

    The guy only made One mistake ad u guys are acting like bunch of kids. Grow
    up and enjoy the highlight. Acting like you are all perfect…damn

  • Reuel Shualy 4 years ago

    This voice over person is EXTREMELY annoying

  • Mark Ivan Jamelo Salvani IV 4 years ago

    wrong post :)

  • PunzalanPat 4 years ago

    Wow one mistake? No, I know there will be more, UNSUB

  • Matt Watson 4 years ago

    Everyone givin this guy hate, shut up. I don’t see you uploading nba

  • Kyoungtae Min 4 years ago


  • Aaron Chin 4 years ago

    how has anyone not noticed that this is not clippers vs lakers but instead
    thunder vs suns

  • dolphinsattack 4 years ago

    Lakers fans need to understand that this isn’t the same Lakers. Why?

    Jerry Buss passed away.
    Does his daughter know how to manage the team? I don’t believe she never
    managed the player/coaching/personnel side of the team.
    Jerry West is no longer with the team.
    Phil Jackson is no longer the coach.
    Mike D’Antoni? What has he ever won? They couldn’t get rid of him fast
    enough in New York. His teams are known to not play defense.
    Kobe? He’s got maybe 2 years left as a quality player.
    Kobe’s contract? Horrible deal for the Lakers. It was a contract just to
    put fans in the seats to see and hear Kobe and not to build for the future.