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  • MegaSlickdude 4 years ago

    Kyle B*tch just got lucky.

  • alancavygaming 4 years ago

    Matt Kenseth did the same to Logano to cause the big one there. Kyle Busch
    will probably win a championship in the next 20 years because he’s in his
    mid twenties and has 20 years of Nascar ahead of him. Eventually he’ll be
    #1. Anyway great save and I hope he will win the 500.

  • welllsaiddddd 4 years ago

    oh aint kyle just so wonderful.. he the best in the world..lmao… the
    fucking pee wee herman ass hole

  • Hunter Nixon 4 years ago

    Kyle is not a smart plate racer. He caused the big one in two of the four
    plate races last year and wrecks himself here.

  • James B. 4 years ago

    That announcer sounds like Zach Galafanakis off of The Campaign.

  • Chris Molyneaux 4 years ago

    Wow he looked like Lightning McQueen there! I’m not a Kyle Busch fan but
    that was impressive.

  • Harold McDaniel 4 years ago

    Kyle CLEARLY, had no room INSIDE. CLEARLY, had NO room inside. This man is
    one of, if not, the BEST driver on the Frickin TRACK, and he
    decides THAT MOVE, was OK? RIGHT……………..JR’s wreck was STUPID
    also!!! AND……. we have, BOY FRIEND hits the GIRLFRIEND!!! Do you see
    the PATTERN here???? NFL writers have been hired by NASCAR!!

  • 88fanforlife 4 years ago

    Unreal, the man is not human

  • D4nkfury 4 years ago

    When I compare Kyle to Jimmie, Kyle’s the greatest

  • Nikolas4g63 4 years ago

    Praising his driving? Thats just retarted. He clearly fucked up in the
    first place and anyone with common sence will see that he had nothing to do
    with the “Amazing” Save.
    thank who ever invented the aerodynamics that Flipped open at the time in
    need. and then thank the front bumper who was solid enough to stop the car
    from spinning more from touching the ground.

  • BittenMitten 4 years ago

    Woah racing already? I thought the season kicked off next Sunday
    officially at Daytona? Is this preseason or does this count towards

  • Gage Robinson 4 years ago

    Who else but Kyle Busch? The man’s crazy as Hell.

  • NeCroW 4 years ago

    watch and learn Dale Jr.

  • socratesthecabdriver 4 years ago

    m&m’s stands for MAD MAX !!!!

  • Dante Hart 4 years ago


  • Mark hondacivic 4 years ago

    wow your really dumb @Nikolas4g63

  • Steve Rutledge 4 years ago

    Not Clear, NOT CLEAR! INSIDE!

  • Adrian Casillas 4 years ago

    Stupid and impressive at the same time Haha Can’t stand the guy, but the
    man can drive a race car.

  • unchained1978 4 years ago

    This makes Danica’s spin look so pathetic. This was in a turn at full speed
    and Busch saves it. Danica couldn’t even drive straight to avoid a wreck
    without going around.

  • Gabriel Vella 4 years ago

    fist time isaw a NASCAR turn right. :P with all due respect though this guy
    has got no fear, if i was in hte driver seat i would probably shit myself.
    gg kyle

  • Ben Akatank 4 years ago

    Kyle …. Nice man !

  • Russell Sears 4 years ago

    Sounds like Ray Gillette from Archer commentating.

  • Tyler Russell 4 years ago

    “Here’s a look at the 5-hour-energy move of this race…” *As if on cue,
    Kyle Busch performs an unbelievable save*

  • Crocfan20 4 years ago

    Only Kyle could of saved a car that sideways, the man can definitely wheel
    a race car.

  • GamingNinja07 4 years ago