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  • chakadoo 4 years ago

    He was like “I woulda raped Lebron if he tried to pull that shit with
    me”…”Wait I shouldn’t be thinking about rape, I’ll have to buy Vanessa
    another ring and get another faggot tattoo”.

  • phillyslasher 4 years ago

    There is so much space! Damn. Not too long ago (like 10-12 years ago) the
    lane would be FILLED with bigs just waiting for LeBron. What the hell
    happened here? I know the Lakers are garbage on defense but even then,
    there is just so much damn space! lol When MJ went into the lane, he EARNED
    that shit. LBJ can just walk to the hoop. Not his fault, I know. But the
    league needs to find that balance between the kind of offensive
    explosiveness we see today and an effective way of allowing a team to
    defend the paint and stop penetration.

  • xZzirrSicK 4 years ago

    Stephen Blackburn: you are a idiot. Your opinion is stupid and facts are
    kobe can beat Lebron down on defense and shots. Lebron can never dunk on
    Kobe with his defense

  • kosta doce 4 years ago

    if u play defence in nba, u automatically get a foul, its pure and complete
    bullshit, refs these days are stupid, fouls are stupid, technicals are so
    sensitive and stupid. how can u defend wen u cant even touch the offending
    player. its retarded.

  • scooby wallace 4 years ago

    Poor Kobe I hate him & miss him at the same time

  • Nathaniel Abdallah 4 years ago

    kobe’s like “damn nigga, what kind of defense is this”

  • pluto plasti 4 years ago


  • Иван Мурометс 4 years ago

    pff so boring layup. by modern NBA rules defender can do almost nothing
    against offensive player especially if he’s LeBron. just came and pushed
    defenders to the basket = easy scores. so Kobe misses the time when skill
    was most important for game

  • ParaditeRs 4 years ago

    Shit, that expression more or less describes the entire Lakers season so
    far lol.

  • Khalid Nawabi 4 years ago

    Kobe knows LeBron James is just bigger & stronger & faster then him. Kobe
    knows LeBron James as no regard for humans life

  • kwwyy 4 years ago

    I hate you Jim Buss

  • Myles Pauletich 4 years ago

    Frustrating not being able to do anything about it while on the sidelines
    nursing an injury

  • lalygill 4 years ago

    actually even though the lakers lost this game they played pretty good
    against miami especially nick young 

  • Liam Whittaker 4 years ago

    Story of the season right there

  • rad0ri 4 years ago

    gasol’s reaction was so bad..

  • jyyli 4 years ago

    c’mon guys, a 35 yr old kobe isn’t going to stop lebron from going to the

  • Shaquille Rodman 4 years ago

    Kobe> Lebron

  • Jarel Jones 4 years ago

    Why would you crowd lebron beyond the 3 point line? Just back up and let
    him shoot.

  • BornToLove331 4 years ago

    kobe’s thinking: I will kill the entire laker team

  • Nah Kobe 4 years ago

    Kobe is like “You’ve got to be kidding me”

  • Beetronik14 4 years ago

    That lay up wasn’t impressive at all that was just horrible defense 

  • Michael Aaron 4 years ago

    Fuck Princess james

  • Wis Dom 4 years ago

    The NBA now is just plain boring and pathetic. ANYONE who thinks now has
    harder defense is just a flat out fanboy youngster afraid to admit when
    they’re wrong. Fuck all the whining, there’s just too much fucking evidence
    on Youtube that proves this fact. There is nothing to debate about when
    people can SEE these videos. Who cares if you’re butthurt about it.

  • hotjerkin65 4 years ago

    Our whole lakers culture is shit .. That goes to show you that Kobe really
    is The Lakers , not saying he’s a ball hog because he’s not . He just takes
    more shots and what not because he’s clutch and he can do stuff that his
    team mates can’t do .. He’s done it all if his Career 

  • Michael Aaron 4 years ago

    Fuck Princess james