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  • aRandySavage 4 years ago

    so are you going to this on someone who is sleeping?

  • All Gremlin 4 years ago

    three people r gay

  • ExpertGamingNetwork 4 years ago

    more Elaina and Courtney please!

  • Steven K 4 years ago

    its called kimura trap position. there,s many set ups to get there. i,ve
    been learning kimura trap system for quite some time and it works quite
    well on actual rolling. we can do other submissions as well from this

  • jmpsaved 4 years ago

    The brunette is smoking, smoking hot my god

  • Ramiro Garcia Jr 4 years ago

    I will be back fo sho, keep up the great videos :)

  • mmacandy 4 years ago

    Its not a starting position, obviously, its a finishing one. You have never
    gotten an opponent in a kimura then have them roll out of it and finished
    with another technique? You should learn the Kimura and go to a Brazilian
    Jiu-Jitsu class at some point, Its a great martial art.

  • zomgbeatit 4 years ago

    When the hell is anyone ever in that starting position?! I mean, like,
    really? In the four years I’ve been training bjj I have never EVER been in
    the position you girls are starting in for this clip. In fact, in all the
    MMA and jits I’ve ever watched, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the
    position you girls are starting in here.

  • Noah Brooks 4 years ago

    You have to get in that position first. I don’t think you know what you’re
    talking about. I’ve gotten in this position before in my BJJ classes.

  • igipop14 4 years ago

    You never start in an armbar either but you have set-ups that get you to
    such positions. DUH! They are not teaching you the set up, but rather a
    finishing move. As a matter of a fact, I have witnessed this particular
    choke in live sparring as well as in mma fight countless times. Perhaps you
    should pay better attention, you might learn something.

  • SUPERSONIC22000 4 years ago

    how can anyone be so sure about that

  • areks13 4 years ago

    song ? :D

  • kaisyejin 4 years ago

    Oh, I will be back! No doubt about it!

  • Chakratese 4 years ago

    In 4 years of training you’ve obviously never learned a basic headlock
    escape. The postion in this video is very common. Bridge the neck, lock the
    leg over the head, and there you have it, you are in this position. Do you
    really train jiu-jitsu? Because it is mindboggling to me that you don’t
    know this position. Great video. I just discovered this lovely channel.

  • ziferzero77 4 years ago

    4 years is nothing in bjj unless you accel at knowing all the techniques
    and can apply them. theres a difference between traditional BJJ with the gi
    and belt rank system vs no-gi grappling

  • petrilah 4 years ago

    Pretty Kimura – admit.

  • RDraGon2179 4 years ago

    Ok yea, that makes more since if they roll out of the kimura, then finish
    them with the scissor head lock.

  • My wife luvs this move,work well!

  • Stefanos 4 years ago

    this is awesome i learned some stuff have to convince my girlfriend to
    practice those moves with me

  • James Joseph 4 years ago

    You girls are sooooo damn awesome!

  • ömer kaöç 4 years ago

    You can headscissors me anytime.

  • richard pone 4 years ago

    I’m next! Great know I know how to that!

  • William Robsons 4 years ago