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  • jian guan 4 years ago

    I think you edited the fight out. 

  • Alphonse670 4 years ago

    Garnett’s too old and Bargnani is part of the mafia. Are my generalizations

  • Kevin Jahosaphat 4 years ago

    Dude, they got tangled up, and then they both walked away………. not a

  • Dboone l TheRealest 4 years ago

    That was a tussle, not a fight

  • Dboone l TheRealest 4 years ago

    That was a tussle, not a fight…

  • Andy Tran 4 years ago

    “suspensions could help” LOL

  • Brandon Collister 4 years ago

    Garnett is a troll he will talk all this shit in your ear and hit you hard
    intentionally and when you take exception and fight he puts his hand up so
    u get a technical what a troll lmao!

  • Giacomo Biagini 4 years ago

    andrea bargnani is a great motherfucker. i hate him. and…guess what..i’m

  • HecticEthnic 4 years ago

    Lmao can’t believe you guys are dissing KG for not fighting.

    The point of what he did was to provoke Bargnani, it’s the same shit Rodman
    does. He’s looking for you to get pissed or throw a punch, but he’s not
    looking to throw one back, he does it for the name on the front of his
    jersey not the back like those who do fight and cost their team.

    grown man shit (as immature as his antics seem, it’s for the team)

    Dennis Rodman was pretty much all about the same shit. It’s just to throw
    you off focus.

  • csi223 4 years ago

    i wish someone would knock out Charles Barkley

  • Dave L 4 years ago

    i hate passive aggressive people, kevin garnett putting his hands up in the
    air but at the same time standing right over bargnani…stupid

  • Daniel Andrews 4 years ago

    Kidd needed a timeout lol

  • Jamal West 4 years ago

    Bargnani looks like a bitch made metro sexual in the nba

  • GamingCipher 4 years ago

    He didn’t get close on purpose Bargnani was holding Garnett’s shorts….

  • d garcia 4 years ago

    There’s not a fighter in that group right there haha. luv u chuck!

  • fun4joke 4 years ago

    Seems like Spaggheti was looking for trouble.

  • Marco Maspero 4 years ago

    Actually what I see is Bargnani boxing out really hard and then stumbling
    and dragging KG down. KG did good

  • EAA0401 4 years ago

    That wasn’t a fight. Nate Robinson vs JR Smith that was a fight

  • Nhel OO 4 years ago

    Kevin Garnett fights Andrea Bargnani??? how do you describe the word
    “fight” ??? SMH

  • Anthony Pagani 4 years ago


  • Carlitos Mercado 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who sees KG knuckling Bargnani in the head at 0:43 and
    then acting like he’s not doing anything by raising his hands. KG was, is
    and will always be a true bitch who makes fun of cancer patients. Think
    about the type of douche this guy always has been.

  • SanNYCHigh 4 years ago

    I don’t care what you say Garnett is a PUNK! Period if he wasn’t looking to
    fight then why did he bitch when timeout was called? He’s a punk 

  • Mr.Baller5 4 years ago

    Put your hands down Garnett

  • The Homie Mickey 4 years ago

    Give Andrea Bargnani some credit dude stood up to Garnett. Most guys shut
    up or cry ala Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

  • Hunter Jackson 4 years ago

    Garnett is a fucking pussy. See how he purposely got close to bargnani and
    put his hands up. Grow up already dumb bitch trying to act like you did