Brad Keselowski expresses how much he wants to win a second Sprint Cup title and how proud he is of his team. For more NASCAR news, check out:




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  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    As the 2 celebrates in victory lane, we can celebrate only 2 races until
    the monstrosity that is TNT is gone from NASCAR- forever! Maniacal laugh. 

  • Robby Burns 3 years ago

    All due respect to BK for winning, but that was the most boring,
    UN-watchable nascar race I’ve ever seen, the race where Jeff Burton led all
    300 laps at New Hampshire in 2000 was for more interesting, I don’t know if
    it’s the cars themselves, the aerodynamics, the type of tires, the
    cornering speeds, Nascar has to go back to the drawing board to find out
    what’s wrong or least try new changes passing in nascar is almost like
    passing in F1 non-existent. 

  • Jonathan Wishard 3 years ago

    guys subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you

  • Brad2Penske 3 years ago

    It surprised me that BK has never won from the pole

  • Jonathan Wishard 3 years ago

    and do chick en dance