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  • bryan lai 3 years ago

    this is where lack of consistent competition in the regular season comes to
    bite in the tournament. people who get tired of hearing that WSU’s SOS is
    why they can never be considered a true powerhouse have to deal with it,
    because it’s 100% true. wichita state was grossly overrated to begin with.
    put them in the B1G, SEC, or even the mountain west, WSU would not be 34-0
    heading into the tournament. i’ll admit that the shockers made for an
    adequate feel-good story, but honestly, there were 11-seed teams who i
    believe would’ve beaten WSU. i don’t have anything against the shockers
    personally, nor am i a kentucky fan, but it pisses me off when people are
    either don’t know or blatantly ignore calipari’s stupendous recruiting
    efforts and say that kentucky got lucky or the refs gave them the game,
    because at the end of the day, kentucky is far and vastly superior in terms
    of talent

  • Casuel87 3 years ago

    I thought Kentucky was finish in the tournament I guess I was wrong XD

  • mattkarnyski 3 years ago

    Kentucky gonna pound Michigan and then win the title.

  • Vijay Danushkodi 3 years ago

    Remember now, everything about Kentucky comes from the University of

  • Henrik Avetisyan 3 years ago

    Greg Anthony literally LOLing after every play. Didn’t realize he did it so
    often when I watched this live, but this is ridiculous lol. Actually kind
    of distracting from the video. But hey, better than having Joe Buck call
    the game.

  • Qyshawn Sanders 3 years ago

    I feel like in this Kentucky worked harder for their shots. Basically
    Kentucky is a wonderful offensive team and okay defensively

  • tataJunkie 3 years ago

    This was the best game of the tournament and this is coming from a UConn
    fan. Cleanthony Early was UNREAL this game (should of gotten the last
    shot). The twins for UK were great also. 

  • UKLove524 3 years ago

    Julius Randle @ 6:10 WOW!

  • Jackson Moody 3 years ago

    Best basketball game i had ever seen

  • Thomas Taylor 3 years ago

    Sounded like Greg Anthony enjoyed the game.Ha ha ha ha

  • A Momin 3 years ago

    Can that annoying ass commentator say anything besides “ohh hahaha ohhh” 

  • iDominatemkwii 3 years ago

    The score was 69-64 WSU and then all of a sudden it’s 69-68 but they don’t
    show it. That’s because the refs handed UK free throws to get them back in
    the game. They did the exact same thing in the Louisville game, and the
    Michigan game, AND the Wisconsin game. Their entire tournament run was just
    the refs handing free throws to players driving out of control like
    football players. I’m glad they lost to 7 seeded Uconn in the championship
    because UK’s BS tournament run ruined seasons of several great teams that
    were undoubtedly better than them. 

  • mike magrino 3 years ago

    why didn’t they give the ball to early or baker for the final shot?

  • John Mabry 3 years ago

    Best game of the tournament.

  • Mr. B. 3 years ago

    Just think if he would have made that last shot….WSU student and fan..we
    could have went all the way easily..we had the talent. This was Kentucky’s
    hardest game the entire tournament. 

  • chester jenkins 3 years ago

    Amazing game between both teams. Can’t wait until next year! #GoCats

  • Anthony Anderson 3 years ago

    Early looked like a young…dare I say Kobe, with some of those fadeaway
    jumpers he was hitting. Great scorer.

  • Cody Perin 3 years ago

    Calipari might not be the best X’s & O’s coach in CBB, BUT if there is one
    coach I would pick for a one game scenario, JUST ONE COACH, I would hands
    down take John Calipari over anybody in the country. The man can flat out
    motivate and get it done for the one game scene. Idk what he tells his
    player (insert joke by trolls here) but it works. 

  • Houston Texanz 3 years ago

    Arguably the best game in the tournament this year.

  • Tommytuffnuttz 3 years ago

    WSU Early out of bounds at 07:35 and first to touch the ball after pass,
    should have been ruled a turnover but refs didn’t call it. Scored 3 points
    off that. WSU should have blown them out in that 1 vs 8 matchup.

  • Tom Wavy 3 years ago

    Cle was open

  • Sivan Yacobian 3 years ago

    a modern day classic! NBA Draft Class Showcase 2014….. #NBA #SHOWTIME
    #cleanthonyearly you are a knickerbocker now. Time for you to lead us to
    the promise land! #GONYGONYGO 

  • Arther Palmer 3 years ago

    To everyone who said the better team didn’t win is wrong. Kentucky was the
    most talented team in all of college thy just couldn’t work as a team until
    the end of the regular season. Kentucky was better than anyone in the
    tournament, yes, even UConn.

  • I didn’t notice it watching the game live but after watching this Greg
    Anthony needs a new catchphrase.

  • GLYTCH da RIP 3 years ago

    early’s draft stock just sky rocketed