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  • Dawid Otta 4 years ago

    Kawhi Leonard’s Putback Dunk vs Miami Heat Game 4

  • totallyflippedout 4 years ago

    If he keeps playing like this in game 5 Spurs will win and he’ll probably
    get finals mvp. He’s so good and yet he’s probably the quietest and most
    humble guy in the NBA.

  • jedibbq 4 years ago

    Dear, Miami heat. Fuck you! Sincerely, Kawhi Leonard

  • Nerissa Valido 4 years ago


  • Erik Wahlstrom 4 years ago

    A bunch of people who don’t really care showed up because Lebron and Wade
    got together to build a superteam. Now their team is getting thumped and
    they’re booing. Amazing. Worst franchise in the NBA. 

  • labpoe 4 years ago

    Sick putback!

  • Destiny Mcmillan 4 years ago

    R.i.p lil jojo

  • footballbud6 4 years ago

    sooo great

  • Sean Hamilton 4 years ago


  • Sunny Gill 4 years ago

    Kawhi leonard is the shiit. He is gonna be a great player if he carries
    this on!

  • Paul Kim 4 years ago

    SUGAR K LEONARD Reppin Southern Cali, Inland Empire, Riversiiiide, and San

  • chavezji 4 years ago

    Tonight’s Kawhi-light ladies and gentlemen!

  • joswayyyTTU 4 years ago

    Highlight of the #spurs season. #GoSpursGo

  • Edward Castillo 4 years ago

    Coach Pop to Leonard: “I want some NASTY!” then Leonard humbly responds,
    “Alright, Coach.” SLAM! Coach Pop does not react at all, nor does Kawhi.
    But deep inside the back of their heads, victory has been achieved. The

  • HoeeSayy 4 years ago

    lol Timmy’s like “Oh that’s nasty, Kawhi…”

  • fastedj13 4 years ago

    Perfect example of why you should box out instead of watch the ball…
    LeBron lost his man. Rebounding wins championships!

  • Rollo Lamont 4 years ago

    I always was a Dwyane Wade fan but clearly now I’ve seen that he’s not the
    player he once was, it’s sad but hell the truth is the truth. Our point
    guard play has been embarrassing Chalmers and Cole can’t handle or are even
    in the same league with Tony Parker. Tim Duncan is schooling Bosh, Birdman
    and whoever they’re putting on him. I’ve always dislike the San Antonio
    Spurs but they have my upmost Respect. These 2014 NBA FINALS have been a
    blessing for all the Miami Heat Haters! 

  • Damien Robinson 4 years ago

    Stick a fork in Miami they’re done

  • Kenny Fong 4 years ago

    This kid’s such a badass

  • Lewda Kross 4 years ago

    I love a putback dunk and this one is HUGE!

  • Steve Long 4 years ago

    duncan’s reaction is the best part for me

  • TheEasterEgg 4 years ago

    His dunk was so badass even the Miami Heat fans were like ohhhhhh

  • Rollo Lamont 4 years ago

    This 2014 NBA Finals is an embarrassment to all South Floridans! This Heat
    squad look likes the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1991 NBA Finals when they
    played the Chicago Bulls. As a Heat and Miami Hurricanes fan I’m
    dumbfounded at how the Spurs have made the Heat looked pathetic throughout
    these games. I’ve never been a LeBron fan but I thank him for joining my
    team but now I don’t blame him if he leaves after this year.

  • Gordon Liddy 4 years ago

    That was nasty

  • Tin_Man_Ton 4 years ago

    The way this kid plays can be similar to Scottie’s. He’s found a good place
    to improve on them with the Spurs.