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  • hayesman24 4 years ago

    The new game is going bible adventures 3ds

  • SanjiTyloxion 4 years ago

    Hey you forgot about Pokemon black and white 2… On the ds… Tch I guess
    it’s kind of disappointing saying it outright…. Well pandoras tower
    should be next right? Though I’ll already be broke by then.

  • legosony00 4 years ago

    0:18 wait WHAT

  • StupidWizardFilms 4 years ago

    Gordon Freeman Needs To Be In the Next Smash Bros.

  • Sam Muir 4 years ago

    A few hours in The Last Story, and it’s been amazing so far + can’t wait
    for Project Zero aka Fatal Frame 2 Remake, Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
    & Fire Emblem all getting an official release here in UK/Euro. Thanks NOE :-) Yeah !!! & all the best to K-Wife btw :-)

  • smasharts 4 years ago

    does anyone know what the intro theme is ??

  • kNIGHTWING01 4 years ago

    @TamJam Yeah I forgot the Tri

  • RedDragonForce2 4 years ago

    Do you guys know anything about the upcoming Paper Mario for the 3Ds? It
    was suppose to already be out, but got delayed in favor of the rereleases
    of Star Fox and Mario 3 (with Raccoon and Tanuki suits). Any info would be
    very helpful!! Thanks!!

  • Quakeman224 4 years ago

    Wait…..Fatal Frame 2 on the 3DS?

  • lovingnintendogames1 4 years ago

    I really hope it’s some kind of crossover game: Sega and namco vs. Capcom!
    Or something like that

  • Absol64 4 years ago

    They’re definitely going to do a fighting game.

  • 009soulmaster 4 years ago

    awnser: a crossover game rpg i hope. also to add the news. apparently
    theres gona be a pokemon Black and white 2

  • notdoppler54321 4 years ago

    i saw kwife playing dillons rolling western today tell her she has my
    condolences and to feel better btw kwing u can use a stand called Hand Grip
    with Stand for Nintendo 3DS by CTA its basically a hand grip for the 3ds
    but it also has a stand on the bottom u can pick it up at Gamestop or EB
    games for only $10 much needed for 3ds reviews can`t wait for kid icarus:
    and maybe to beat i mean play you *cough* *cough* }:)

  • nano69ify 4 years ago

    Oh my, i hope your wife feels better.

  • Quakeman224 4 years ago

    @IblisLucario64 Seriously?! YES!! :D now they just need to get 4 on the Wii

  • BingoBird4 4 years ago

    Is there any news about Pandora’s Tower? I haven’t heard anything new about

  • The Minecraft Master 4 years ago

    I hop k-wife gets better :-(

  • Full Metal Monkey 4 years ago

    Wheyhay! This vid came up in my subbox! First time in an age.

  • Tartar 4 years ago

    How is Amber doing? Were there any problems after she came home from the

  • JuLeDoS 4 years ago

    I hope the Segacom Bandai game is some original game that starts a new
    franchise rather than a crossover game with their characters.

  • MrWaluigi4life 4 years ago

    Definitively a fighting game

  • tacocrunchies 4 years ago

    hope K wife gets better soon. stoked for the last story fingers crossed for
    a wii u sequel

  • SoulEaterMesiter 4 years ago


  • oyvinator 4 years ago

    ohh.. didnt know your wife was sick.. she is in my thoughts:-) best wishes
    for a speedy recovery:-)

  • harmfulifconsumed 4 years ago

    It seems like you and your wife get sick a lot :/