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  • MrFinalgamer 4 years ago

    @OmegaRocketGrunt when the hell did epic mikey was announced to have a port
    for the ps3 or 360? either way that game was pretty bad (controls wise)
    from what everyone said just like No More Heroes had a crappy port =P and
    when did the 360 or ps3 get super monkey ball? i was saying that because
    they could do so much more with the 50gb of both the ps3 and the wii U
    (more monsters, faster loading times, better online, better graphics,
    bigger areas to explore, more towns, more weapons, etc)

  • Soikino 4 years ago

    Do you think that Gatchaman cameo is a new hope for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom 2?
    I really liked that game

  • tibblaye 4 years ago

    your not a vampire ? =(

  • 117superdude 4 years ago

    @HackerHandBook Well, without a pic I cant really say. Although I would
    probably buy a cover for around £10.

  • NIMPAK1 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Uprising doesn’t look all that good?

  • Dresos 4 years ago

    @NaxoJUMP No I meant the Konami game before that one ^^

  • BlooLegend 4 years ago

    @DarkSTBAngel Thats all that was anounced.

  • 5k4k1dhtp 4 years ago

    When the hell is a new monster hunter title gonna come out in the west?

  • kNIGHTWING01 4 years ago

    Hey gamers, im still kind of out of it this morning. But I pasted my notes
    from last nights conference. So check them out if you want to know, what I
    was thinking. Or check out my Twitter reactions too. That’s all Im going to
    rest up a bit more. Have a great day.

  • Ross Rambo 4 years ago

    @KamilaDewhurst and black and soon white

  • Seadrake 4 years ago

    Monster Hunter on 3DS ! I can die happy now.

  • SweaterSwagg 4 years ago

    Will Monster Hunter 4 be on Vita?

  • GregzillaGT 4 years ago

    I freaking LOVED this conference! I mean, who wants Metroid or Yoshi when
    we can have true masterpieces like a bunch of dating sims?/sarcasm In all
    seriousness, I’ve never played Fire Emblem or Monster Hunter, so I suppose
    those are some things I can keep my eye on. But I thought Nintendo was
    having the conference to announce something a bit bigger, like an
    installment in one of their more significant series.And c’mon
    Nintendo…STILL ignoring Metroid’s 25th? For shame. Okay, complaints over.

  • zelpherm 4 years ago

    @jincorvaia pal version softmod wii forced ntsc 60fps go go xenoblade

  • Kirbyguy12345 4 years ago

    I can have a little hd if i get the zelda since i have my wii on 480p which
    i guess my games runs a little better

  • pelerestern 4 years ago

    Be fast: goo.glkLPdk and win new Nintendo 3DS now.

  • nicko549 4 years ago

    just wondering. will 4 swords be free on the e-shop permanently? i dont
    have a 3ds yet and i dont want to find out its an anniversery only deal

  • MaverickhunterXZero 4 years ago

    I watched the press con. it was pretty cool to see the MH4 trailer and that
    it’s for 3DS,as well as 4-swords this mounth and a pink 3DS, I’m so getting
    tha- I mean Kid Icerus, I’m getting that. o_o;

  • kNIGHTWING01 4 years ago

    @Soikino sadly no, but the Capcom staff are huge fans of Gatchaman…sot it
    makes sense for the characters to be advertising Monster Hunter Tri G.

  • SnipingIsFun 4 years ago

    @SGGgamer What if they bring both?

  • kNIGHTWING01 4 years ago

    @NIMPAK1 yes pretty sure you are. To each his own though. The game better
    be worth it after 3 delays though!

  • Decker22 4 years ago

    If NOA wants ANY of my money in 2012. Localize Project Miku & New Love Plus
    3DS in engilsh…

  • kjellm87 4 years ago

    I’m worried the Mario Tennis game is a port of the Gamecube one, any word
    on that? Oh well, seems like something I want on a handheld anyway.

  • shadowchaos5150 4 years ago

    @jincorvaia You do know that this was the TOKYO Game Show, right? no NoA
    related things other than big games like mario.

  • RRPGReviews 4 years ago

    Nintendo really did show off an impressive conference with all the new
    games coming out, but too bad that made the jerk shareholders reject where
    Nintendo is going with this. As much of jerks that they are, I stand by
    Iwata’s decision as mobile gaming is a completely different platform from
    handhelds, and it resorts to taking a step back from playing handheld games
    that look 100x more epic than Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.