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  • Swaggy King Bizzle Kidrauhl 3 years ago


  • Arsène Lupin 3 years ago

    of course the other players went easy on bieber. Imagine the media shit
    storm if a group of black guys completely shitted on a white girl.

  • Auerox1337 3 years ago

    white girl (bieber) prob got a coach cuz white girl’s cant ball..

  • Yaser Doud 3 years ago

    ha justin tryna show out to that girl

  • ArtFactory 3 years ago

    i don’t like her music, but the boy have talent for basketball

  • sofos doschoris 3 years ago

    chris paul catching an alley oop?!?!?

  • 7homes 3 years ago

    0:48 i’ve never seen that in nba before

  • Sara Rosas 3 years ago

    Well it seems like Justin really is black on the inside. 

  • free2rhyme445 3 years ago

    Anybody notice durants double dribble at the beginning?

  • Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this 3 years ago

    0:24 I didn’t know Chris Paul could get up like that. Unfortunately, the
    entire video receives a thumbs down because I’m not a Belieber.

  • tito feliz 3 years ago

    Wtf is the name of.the song at the end

  • Anonymus Minecrafter 3 years ago

    Jb has terrible stroke

  • Andrew Kim 3 years ago

    lol the thumbnail

  • zenner 3 years ago

    there is a girl in the other team too?

  • Link Between Worlds 3 years ago

    1 girl for team,1 girl for the red team and for the blue team justin bieber

  • Austin Boyd 3 years ago

    He fucking trash, dunk on his ass so hard

  • Istupidable 3 years ago

    Umm im not hating but even my seniors in junior highschool are better than
    him , they all went to the national league including myself

  • Kevin Swish 3 years ago

    0:37 Girl Vs. Girl 

  • Ethan Warren 3 years ago

    biebers got no muscles haha workout kid

  • lilmoe102 3 years ago

    Whatever the hell happened to Josh Selby? He was the #1 player coming out
    of high school, then went to Kansas, got drafted in the second round and

  • MattfromAZ 3 years ago

    bieber is fucking garbage

  • Brant Rohrer 3 years ago

    What the actual fuck is wrong with the people saying “hes actually really
    good”. Any of the players could make him cry just by boxing him out. He
    probably paid them to go easy.

  • TFrance19 3 years ago

    This is why I can’t stand Justin Bieber. He has no business playing these
    games. Just like he had no business to go to a Toronto Maple Leafs practice
    and disrupt their purpose of being there… TO PRACTICE. You’re a celebrity
    and you have privileges that you’d like to take advantage of, I get that.
    But playing with pro athletes wasting their time when you get paid to make
    music, not play sports, get out of here. It’d be different if it was off
    camera during spare time but this is clearly a game for the big boys. Glad
    this kid’s retiring. Such a joke!

  • Reda Sileikiene 3 years ago

    Others plays easy with bieber but his still cool’”_”

  • Robert Martinez 3 years ago

    Auerox1337 I guess you’ve never played real ball… Weakass guarantee your
    ass is trash on the court! I’d scunk your ass in a minute for sure… Or
    shall we ask any other “white girl” in the league to handle your soft
    ass… Cupcake mothafuka.