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  • DoesNotExist305 4 years ago

    If Roy was in his prime he’d knock Tito out in the first round. He’d knock
    Tarver out too. 

  • Eye RULE 4 years ago

    Yeah Roy you’re a real badass. Former Heavyweight Champion cherry picking
    a washed up welterweight. On top of that you show no respect to your
    opponent. That’s ok though because seeing you stretched out on the canvas 4
    times pretty much evens the score. “got any excuses tonight Roy?” HAAA
    HAAAAA asswipe.

  • XxRigBarxX 4 years ago

    tito would’ve raped this overrated broke ass walking chandelier Jones in
    his prime fuck jones jr Titos the real man

  • TH3AZTEC 4 years ago

    claro k no c rajaron por k ni podian ablar como los dejaron bien noqueados

  • FREE-OBO 4 years ago

    Greetings to all boxing fans. I bare little importance in the comment that
    I have posted, how ever I was a middleweight fighter back in the Hagler
    days, I worked with (Stuff) Hagler’s knick name back then. Anyhow, some
    fighters are so good at what they do that they make their opponents seem
    null. Wilfred Sypion, Mugabi, Hamsho all monters until they faced Marvin,
    then the same commentators that made them the next champ to be, said that
    they were over rated, I hope this can be of some help. :-)

  • Jay Romeo 4 years ago

    roy jones sucks he fought bums his whole career and even got knocked out by

  • InternationalBoy 4 years ago

    Sugar Ray Leonard>Jones>Pacquiao. Any day anytime

  • purenove91 4 years ago

    Tito sucks Dick

  • DosXsConTecate 4 years ago


  • Alfonso 4 years ago

    como buen puertorriqueño le están poniendo la golpiza de su vida pero no
    dejan de bailar..

  • El Peña 4 years ago

    wtf is tido?

  • Osbourne Sterling 4 years ago

    Rick ross on the ringside! Gshit!

  • banacek8675 4 years ago

    @PortOrangeGuy Indeed they are washed up legends. Thus, I am waiting for
    the Dana White to get them in the ring with a 26 year old mixed martial
    artist champion in his prime to show the MMA community how superior MMA is
    to boxing.

  • TH3AZTEC 4 years ago

    pues el idiota y anormal es otro por k ya te di muchoa ejemplos y sales con
    una imbesilada mejor quedate callado que ni sabes nada.

  • joebrown 4 years ago

    Dam was he out then?

  • CarloMagnoTV 4 years ago

    James Toney and Bernard Hopkins aren’t scrubs.

  • the anonymous 4 years ago

    @AkaDreadMe your a dumbass felix got a chin, roy wasnt gonna knock him out,
    all roy counted on was his speed, he had no defense when he aged he lost
    speed and reflex, felix could never beat roy, even if hes garbage to you, i
    know hopkins is better everyone knows

  • InternationalBoy 4 years ago

    word ill agree they will both son the fck outta manny pacquiao

  • Ahmet1445 4 years ago

    English motherfucker U speak it?

  • octopusmagnificens 4 years ago

    Trinidad looks fat.

  • caleb alcala 4 years ago

    lmfao did anyone notice rick ross in the crowds

  • elliott sanchez 4 years ago

    Tito the best p4p

  • Juan Garcia 4 years ago

    El peor error de Tito subio de Peso ahi se jodio en su peso nadie se lo

  • JOEY MAZDA 4 years ago

    Lo ke le duele a ellos es ke le kitamos el invicto al Golden Boy. Despues
    trataron con Vargas y tampoco pudieron… Para ke tienen trandos peleadores
    si Puerto Rico solo con uno puedo con los mejores Mexicanos y ese se llama
    Felix TITO Trinidad !!!