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  • 84irule 3 years ago

    why is this song not viewed more times it is really good

  • usadurant 3 years ago

    This deserves more views!

  • Wasif Shawman 3 years ago

    0 people are, wait a sec no one disliked!Nice job man!

  • XxAC130Time1xX 3 years ago

    The person who disliked this is a Cavs fan!

  • XxAC130Time1xX 3 years ago

    how the fnck could someone dislike!!! It is a great song, it doesn’t mock
    any NBA team or anything.

  • YELLOWMADNES1914 3 years ago

    @vorioasteri thanks man

  • Officialking36 3 years ago

    Got a Nash first step addicted to dishin old school on these dudes like the
    laker suspicious stick to tradition lil homie listen or learn to the rules
    of this game for……..you get what you earn strivin find the ultimate
    dream at the top of the poul with a championship ring- Its game 7 of the
    playoffs the nba finals 6 minutes away from ya teams first tittle only 1
    quarter till ya name hanchoidos preporations everything fundamentals vital
    game is survival never retreat ride a diseal threw your

  • joey9157 3 years ago

    yeah man, nice video! RESPECT

  • nKOBEb 3 years ago

    nice mix

  • MyCommonSense IsTingling 3 years ago

    This song & mix makes me really wanna play basketball. Nice work

  • YELLOWMADNES1914 3 years ago

    tha name of the first song???tha song untill 0:20???

  • RajonRondoooooo 3 years ago

    THAT’S ME! AT 2:00

  • Kostas Loukopoulos 3 years ago

    @YELLOWMADNES1914 x-ray dog the return of a king

  • Officialking36 3 years ago

    In the leauge i like kgin for teams cross players up like iverson and shake
    up they knees automatic with the 3′s ya weak d cant hold cause when the
    game time is on me im in the clutch like kobe drop dimes like ginobli flash
    threw screens like wade hit the boards like big shaq before i clear out the
    lane this is more than just a game we train for hours hit the flaps like
    orlando and bang with howard the game is ours hit me when its 3 seconds
    left and watch my team knock it down like im ron artest

  • OffShoreComa 3 years ago

    great mix

  • jordan23 3 years ago

    9000th viewer!!!!

  • Officialking36 3 years ago

    Town like the miami heat and when we in south beach they be showin us love
    i head to boston with gp rollin on dubs cause in the california sun im
    still cold in the winter plus i dominate the post like yao ming got the
    center see all the fame in the picture we strive for the dream at the top
    of the poul with a championship ring…. All Lyrics to this song

  • Jayson Lim 3 years ago

    very nice beat for this video….good

  • Semyballer 3 years ago

    rly nice! good music good video! scene 3:15 fits rly good to the music!!!