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  • Elijah Plaehn 3 years ago

    Fuck all this Michael Jordan bullshit that these 12 year olds praise today.
    I’d take Jerry West over MJ anyday. 

  • bojacksonknows 3 years ago

    Jerry west .

  • J I.C.E 3 years ago

    Jerry West couldnt play AT ALL in todays game he wouldnt be a role player
    in jordans era

  • Captain Ace 3 years ago

    50 shades of yellow man 

  • tommy thegunn 3 years ago

    To say West couldnt get it done today is dumb. Nash and Stockton could get
    it done and they werent any better physically than West.

  • Bounty Rogue Cinemax 3 years ago

    What you mean he couldn’t play in today’s nba? Jerry west is very tough and
    he slashes a lot back door. He also penetrates very well too, shit in
    today’s 2010′s bball the centers couldn’t handle him lol 

  • David Miller 3 years ago

    He would have been BETTER in today’s game. The 3 would have enhanced his
    value GREATLY!

  • Tamentonen Hageshi 3 years ago

    jerry west slept with a loaded gun under his bed at 10 years old, so yes he
    would be good in today’s nba.

  • nadia twigg 3 years ago

    Elgin Baylor and Jerry west and Goodrich the big three

  • IBMCREW1 3 years ago


  • JOEmusicization 3 years ago

    West was ahead of his time, great man and baller. Respect. 

  • Steve Laterny 3 years ago

    The NBA symbol is based off of a picture of Jerry West dribbling powerfully
    with his left hand…so there you go.

  • Karlitoe Trollitoe 3 years ago

    It’s all about the fundamentals baby. 

  • TheFightingFly 3 years ago

    I met jerry west today at the warriors game 

  • Steve Laterny 3 years ago

    The NBA Logo is based off of a picture of Jerry West dribbling with his
    left hand…so there you go.

  • Bailey Terry 3 years ago

    The nba logo is jerry west no way!! So cool. (:

  • manny4552 3 years ago

    The stars today would be stars in the past and the stars of the past would
    be stars today in any sport frankly.Some of todays kids are better
    atheletes,but all of yesterdays stars are light years better at

  • manny4552 3 years ago

    To say jerry wst couldnt play or be a big star today is retarded.

  • rvyig23 3 years ago

    West never could handle with the defense in the nba nowdays..

  • MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt 3 years ago

    The best SGs of all time ? 1 Jordan 2 Jerry West 3 Kobe Bryant. Yes Jerry
    West was THAT good!

  • EpicChodeProductions 3 years ago

    His jumpshot is so pure!

  • Hermann Fegelein 3 years ago

    Back then we weren’t allowed to take three steps without dribbling. Nor
    drive through a defender with our shoulders down.

  • CaLiBluNTs562 3 years ago

    laker O G’s

  • pallokone199 3 years ago

    To those how say you wont dominate with fundamentals but athletisim. Ill
    say that you can dominate with both look at tim duncan and steve nash never
    that athletic but both have been mvp of the league and tim has a lot of
    rings with manu and parker who either arent that athletic.

  • Brandon Santora 3 years ago

    If Jerry West was playing today Kobe would HAVE to pass the ball