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  • Steven Narasaki 4 years ago

    The pronunciation of the players names………..

  • nolesgf31 4 years ago

    I dont see how that was “funny” not for Jelena. She is an amazing player,
    she does not deserve that. These commentators are really getting annoying
    about insulting the player lately. Let them live, like they aren’t under
    enough stress now….

  • Rissole86 4 years ago

    haha awww poor JJ…. as if they didint realise it was her :P

  • Chipinjack 4 years ago

    re Jelena…I don’t think it’s on a “funny note” at all. She is human being
    and shouldn’t been treated as such

  • Lee Ludtke 4 years ago

    the jankovic scandal was just such bad luck :P of course they knew it was
    her! haha