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  • Neverheat 4 years ago

    No one thought that would go in, not even Teague himself :D Great moment.
    I hope the hawks win, they play with much more energy & will than the
    pacers do.
    Greetings from Finland! :)

  • flightjam 4 years ago

    lets go for the upset! looking for a few teams to do that this

  • istay720 4 years ago

    Anyone else think he looks like Isaiah Thomas?

  • KDsplash13 4 years ago

    dat mj shrug doe

  • Chris Samuel 4 years ago


  • bdorocke 4 years ago

    out of bounds

  • Ariel Bailey 4 years ago

    I dont know why you saying that is a shame because we work our butts of and
    with all the injuries this year we desearve it because we work so hard but
    usually dont get results !!!!!!

  • mrcheckmateX 4 years ago

    Good game Hawks, Pacers are a whole bunch of losers, got blown out in every
    critical games in the playoffs, and yeah i am pointing at your sorry ass
    faces and say it, i don’t hate you for no reason, Miami is smart they
    leave these young hungry Hawks to finish y’all off for them, 

  • Josh Rice 4 years ago

    He was out of bounds but you know the hick ref can just do what they want
    to do fucking Atlanta hicks.

  • Ferdinand Baarde 4 years ago

    Miami vs Spurs on the finals…I will stick on my prediction…there will
    be around 10-20% additional advantage to the team favored by the top
    few…usually for the retiring team…But the ball is round things
    happened…but game 7 is needed for advertisements…So if according to
    plan it must be Spurs…but whatever the coaches and refs trying to control
    the game, the inevitable may happen…

  • joshua alcazar 4 years ago

    where’s that indiana pacers love LOL indy’s fans is some bandwagors cuz
    yall went extinct LOL

  • kingdaniel4195 4 years ago

    He was out of bounds but It doesnt matter cuz the Pacers barely scored
    again while the Hawks kept hitting shots.


  • AlejoChris73092 4 years ago

    Pacers got killed again lmao, and you the number one team in the conference
    this team was supposed to be a lottery team and your down 2-1 to them.

  • Joel Petraglia 4 years ago

    Another great one.

  • Ezequiel Merced 4 years ago

    He was out of bounds and they never called it?

  • DeWayne Rivera 4 years ago

    And he didn’t even think he made it. What a three pointer.

  • Paul George 4 years ago

    he stepped out of bounds…

  • AllATL3 4 years ago

    SHOT CLOCK CHEESE!! – Chris Smoove 

  • airforcegubala 4 years ago

    That…was not…a Jordan…shrug

  • MasamuneIceDragon 4 years ago

    The whole indiana team playing terrible especially Hibbert I feel they’re
    gonna get rid of him especially if they lose this series.

  • Ferdinand Baarde 4 years ago

    You cannot easily beat Indiana not Atlanta statistically…

  • nthugsc 4 years ago

    Who cares if it is out of bounds or not… Are you really serious?! 98-85
    Atlanta leading 13 points behind pacers… Reduce it by 3 points to
    Atlanta, so? Do you think pacers can win that game 3? Enough of excuses…

  • NBA Highlights 4 years ago