Former PBA player Japeth Aguilar worked out in front of National Basketball Association scouts as he pursues his dream of playing in the NBA.




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  • jhayzee de leon 4 years ago

    i use to work on that warner center tower hehehehhe

  • ladieschoice02 4 years ago

    yea agreed, but I thot Jap could be a good marketing strategy for any nba
    team as well as d-leagues coz of throngs of Filipinos here willing to
    support another kababayan” just like wit the sudden emergence of Lin.. Jap
    just needs to polish his shooting.The thing is, everyone thinks with his
    size and ability that it’s easy to make it to the NBA or the D-League. It’s
    not. It is extremely difficult. goodluck to him tho

  • ladieschoice02 4 years ago

    those players you said were superstars and should also be guarded by
    superstars or players with their caliber. China has more poor people than
    you could imagine. der are much more chinese but they are not as basketball
    crazed as flips. look how flips supported PACquiao here stateside and
    millions around the world. and bTW nba doesnt really gained that much money
    from nba merchandise in china coz as we all know china is rampant for
    bootlegs an counterfeit prod

  • richard aguilar 4 years ago

    lol i think you heard em wrong, right now there are 3 or more teams going
    for him, who said that? lol.

  • Jeriel Escoses 4 years ago

    fil-am yang c richmond townsend, si japeth pure PILIPINO…

  • rdaffon23 4 years ago

    My point is if he’s going to play in the NBA, he def has to defend that
    caliber of player. Every team has a 6’9″ playing either SF or PF positions.
    Judging from his current skill level, he couldn’t guard David Lee from the
    Warriors. As for buying power, here’s simple economics. There’s a reason
    the U.S. is trying to strengthen relations with China. Its because they
    want China’s buying power. Tapping into that population size is gold. btw,
    Yao got voted as an All-Star even when injured.

  • rdaffon23 4 years ago

    Marketing power usually equates to millions of people with buying power. If
    your referring to buying power, Aguilar has no where near the buying power
    of Lin because China has a goliath of a population compared to the
    Philippines. You’re right, 6’9″ may be big in the PBA but it was the
    average height of players for the NBA. . . in the 90′s. He looks like he is
    athletic, but can he guard people at the 4 spot like Blake Griffin, Kevin
    Love, or even Chris Bosh?

  • FCR991 4 years ago

    bobo kasi ng talk n text!! BOBO YUNG COACH!!

  • monch ZAW 4 years ago

    Saludo kami sayu japeth first filipino pure blooded to play in nba sana.

  • Pao Cruz 4 years ago

    may chance siya sa bobcats. lol

  • istigidig17 4 years ago

    japeth should practice ball handling. if he improved he would kill everyone
    at sf position. attack the basket and finish strong or throw it down!.

  • rdaffon23 4 years ago

    I’m Filipino too (if it wasn’t obvious). Been waiting for the day that a
    Pinoy not only made an NBA roster, but got consistent playing time. I know
    too many athletic Pinoys for there not to be one. I just don’t think this
    kid is it, but I’ll stay hopeful.

  • weward 4 years ago

    go japeth!

  • Louis Co 4 years ago

    Harlem Globe Trotters ? I say go for it Japeth.

  • rdaffon23 4 years ago

    I wish this kid well. Being Filipino American, I hope he makes it to the
    only true pro league, the NBA. I’ve watched his highlights, but wish I can
    watch actual gamer footage. Editing a highlight reel makes it tough to
    gauge his skill level. Hope all hopes are tempered because I can go to any
    park and find a 6’9 or taller player with comparable skills.

  • John Red 4 years ago

    Japeth physically has a potential.he’s long,lean and athletic.probably,
    he’s much better than some other foreign players being recruited in the NBA
    or shall i say in some other Americans.he just should polished his game
    like his shot selection,passing and in some ways his defense.he’s a good
    shot blocker but defense is not only about shot blocking.for me,he could be
    a shoo in for the national team.

  • jpcarigma 4 years ago

    @datu0108 an article.. said he didnt impress… theres a difference
    interest as far as for a workout.. thats why his agent doesnt want to say
    anything… im rooting for him tho..

  • KB5champ 4 years ago

    di cia ang una c richmond townsend ang una sa nba

  • rdaffon23 4 years ago

    Western who? Scalabrine was a big time player coming out of where? USC. If
    you compared them at the same age. . . even Scalabrine is more
    accomplished. lol. Judging from Aguilar’s playing style. . . he’s a 3 in
    the NBA. They would kill him in the post. I’m hopeful he can make it, but
    I’m also a realist. There are much better players in D-League. He’s already
    in his mid-20′s too? NBA teams will think he’s already too old even as a
    project player. Think Ricky Rubio’s age if your an NBA project

  • ladieschoice02 4 years ago

    must pattern his play style to Durant

  • rusty ibay 4 years ago

    NBA!NBA!NBA..oN THE way..

  • rusty ibay 4 years ago

    japeth!!!! ang galing mo!! you made us proud!!!Sta Cruz Warriors>(golden
    State warriors) congratulation…

  • rusty ibay 4 years ago

    yeah…you almost there!!!go japeth

  • Korben Capitulo 4 years ago

    hmmm. waLa na D: … di siya nakuha ! tsk ! After the workout, New Orleans
    Hornets scout Don Sellers liked Aguilar’s athleticism, agility and
    potential, but believes Aguilar is not yet ready for the NBA.

  • Alvin Javier 4 years ago

    Japeth Aguilar = Chris Bosh