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  • The Below Average Gamer 3 years ago

    My all time favorite game of any genre. I’ve got so many fond memories as a
    kid growing up playing and watching this game. I’ve still got the same copy
    I had as a kid, which is rare for me because I’ve gotten rid of so many
    other things.

  • L-1011 Widebody 3 years ago

    Like there’s a difference between Warren Moon and QB Eagles– I mean,
    Randall Cunningham.

  • yerk55 3 years ago

    Fun fact: when batters would sometimes yell “oh come on!” when striking
    out, the clip/voice is Jim Belushi’s character in the movie, The Man With
    One Red Shoe.

  • tomahawk238 3 years ago

    how amazing would it be if they just updated rosters and stadiums and
    re-released this thing today?!?! I’d be buying 

  • Johnny Awesomee 3 years ago

    Lol Clyde the dog Is a good boy and a good dog he is lazy and wants bacon
    right now

  • SuperDashRendar 3 years ago

    This game is really tough if you are playing against the computer. Its all
    timing like the reviewer said but you can’t swing early to hit to the left
    or late to hit to the right – its just random. The computer gets a hit
    almost every at bat, plus its almost impossible to get a strikeout. Much
    better when playing with a friend.

    As I enjoyed this alot as a kid from the presentation I have to say on
    game-play alone its one of the worst. Bases Loaded, RBI Baseball and
    Baseball Simulator 1.000, Super Baseball 2020 are much more enjoyable. And
    you can turn-off power ups in BS1000.

  • Dale Cooper 3 years ago

    My brother and I still settle fights over this game..

  • Juan Sanchez 3 years ago

    I too played this game as a kid. I spent hours in front of the TV playing
    as the Montreal Expos and Philadelphia Phillies (both were very good in
    this game). Everything mentioned rings true: The pace is perfect, the
    cartoony graphics added character to the players, and that music somehow
    does NOT get old. More than 20 years later and I would still pick this game
    over any baseball game I have played since!

  • watchmoore 3 years ago

    So true that the Griffey games are the only Baseball games worth playing on
    the SNES.

  • Z Winkler 3 years ago

    Since beginningless time, darkness has thrived in the void, but the one
    constant throughout the years was baseball.
    Is Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball Worth Playing Today? —

  • shakeNspray 3 years ago

    physics behind the game is realistic? you mean hitting a home run with
    every other batter? For a more realistic feel and better graphics check out
    Ken Griffey Jr’s:Winning Run for the SNES!