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  • Run Through The Tape 3 years ago

    Thank you all for your support and patience, the 3rd Installment of
    Shaqtin’ A Fool for this season starts at 31:43. To me this is the funniest
    episode of the season so far, Shaq really didn’t know GSW played in Oakland
    (Facepalm), “You Big Dummy” lol.

    And as most know from my Welcome Video and previous channel I DON’T ALLOW
    ADS on my videos but according to YouTube Rules, I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER ADS
    ON VIDEOS CLAIMED BY A THIRD PARTY, I’m not using all caps b/c I’m
    screaming, lol. But I want it to be clear and let you know if you see Ads
    its b/c a third party claimed the video, and/or b/c you haven’t heard of Ad
    Block Plus, lol. Thanks and enjoy.

  • AznJeff 3 years ago

    goddamn rich bucher needs to stfu. how is klay thompson better than harden
    and curry

  • Big Al 3 years ago

    Really ??? Klay is the best 2nd shooting guard after James Harden! ??? and
    how on earth is Harden number 1, when did he win rings, MVPs and even All
    Star MVPs?? the dude can’t play defence to save his life!
    Last night He got Schooled by The NUMBER ONE SG in the League, 2nd best SG
    of all time! KOBE BYRANT! Man ppl hating on greatness!!! so much Disrespect!
    Does he have to get 81 again to get some respect??? The Lakers are playing
    bad not cuz of him!!! He passes the ball to em and they pass it back, so
    what the fuck is he supposed to do!? GOD DAYMN MOTHERFUCKAAA!! 

  • BottleBrassMonkey 3 years ago

    Another terrible suit from Kenny, looks crap but u can tell he thinks he’s
    killin it..Weird textured suite w/ gay hankie, oh I hate how he tries so

    I swear he has the worst style, every outfit has something off about it

  • collossuss10 3 years ago

    Just a tip, recording this and then reproducing it from start to finish in
    no way falls under fair use. Its great that its up but claiming it as fair
    use is wrong and a disservice to what your trying to do here.

  • Chris Page 3 years ago

    Damn I wish Courtney Lee would have finished that play in the 2009 NBA

  • cr0nikz 3 years ago

    kyle lowry shoots 3′s….so does T Ross…both at a decent clip. Come on
    Chuck. Watch your favourite city more often!

  • Matthew Richards 3 years ago

    Shaq arguing again when he is clearly wrong, get him off the panel now, I
    hate him. 

  • Complexchick86 3 years ago

    Trade D.Rose for Rondo and watch them get a ring…

  • LKeet6 3 years ago

    i love inside and i like shaq and chuck (hate kenny, self-obsessed idiot,)
    but the more i watch, the more i realise they don’t know as much as they
    like people to think. 2 big errors on the raps (my team.) first they said
    we don’t have good outside shooters, we hit tons of 3s last year (lowry
    broke the franchise record for made 3s in a season,) and we have loads of
    threats from outside. kenny then said “vasquez can shoot from outside,”
    he’s not up to date. he was decent from outside last season but has
    struggled awfully this season. If you’re gonna comment, make sure you know
    what you’re talking about. Then chuck said the raps need to up the tempo.
    We’re actually playing at a much faster rate this season and really upped
    our offensive output, BUT it has hurt our defence (which they said was

  • bangester3 3 years ago

    When do these even air?

  • Rob C 3 years ago

    Up in Canada, “Inside” starts at midnight in the west…. I gotta get up
    early for work the next day, so I can’t stay up…… You the MAN for
    uploading the episodes, pre-game and half-time shows….. Thanks for
    helping me keep up-to-date!! Love watching this shit at work! 

  • DivineForcesBro 3 years ago

    Man, Thanks for doing this… for us who can’t see it live. 

  • jaylock9twenty5 3 years ago

    Shaq doesn’t know where the warriors play even though he was with the
    lakers for 8 years and in the same division

  • TheRiisingSun 3 years ago

    Those bloopers were hilarious xD
    Thanks for the continued upload! So appreciated!

  • Emerson Herndon 3 years ago

    This show is so good. Chuck and Shaq are hilarious. They all need raises.

  • Nejc Oleniks 3 years ago

    Cp3 when he plays to parker or westbrook or d-ROSE he cant do nothing about

  • Rhine Horn 3 years ago

    I love when they clown on Shaq. He looks like he can’t take it

  • Rick Smith 3 years ago

    Bosh seems like a nice dude

  • Alexander Shkurnov 3 years ago

    As for me the funniest moment is when Barkley called Bosh the best big man
    in Miami history. Shaq and Bosh looked confused.

  • matde100 3 years ago

    you da real mvp for posting these up

  • houston34 3 years ago

    r u going to upload the new one?

  • sephron17 3 years ago

    I would put Thompson 2nd but as long as Kobe is playing, he is number 1 

  • Jde Ticsay 3 years ago


  • hnybbqwings 3 years ago

    You’re the best thank you!!