The National Basketball Association (NBA) could implement new rules that will forever change the landscape of their organization. The NBA Draft Lottery will …
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  • This is a horrible idea.. It’s totally set up to help major markets that
    can work in Free Agency..

    And tanking is not a bad thing.

  • TYT Sports 4 years ago

    The #NBA may institute a new rule that will revolutionize the future of
    professional basketball. What is it? Check out the clip!

  • Andrey Kirichenko 4 years ago

    this is retarted.. why not just do it the way the NFL and MLB do it.. the
    NBA and NHL has the dumbest draft order ever… why not just have the way
    nfl and mlb do it

  • Angel Carrillo 4 years ago

    the draft is both terrible and awesome lol

  • B4ULoveShine 4 years ago

    Can those bad picks on the proposed system be traded for a future good
    pick, depending on how deep the draft year is?

  • lukaszepesi 4 years ago

    This system would be fair if the quality of the drafted players would be
    the same each year, but it’s not. Plus the system now, makes it so the
    worst teams always get good picks, that equalises the league. In this
    system a strong team could get the number one pick which would be unfair.
    Also if they implement the system now, one team will have to wait 30 years
    for their next number 1 pick. So at first glance this might seem fair but I
    think it will create a TON of problems. Tanking isn’t great but it’s a
    small problem in my opinion. This system could wreck the league. 

  • BeardFaceKiller 4 years ago

    Don’t punish tanking. Fix the issues that cause it. Take away max
    contracts, put in an actual hard cap, and get rid of the lottery (which
    just cause teams like Charlotte to keep tanking until they get lotto
    lucky). Then Lebron is being offered $30 million a year by the shit teams
    with cap space while the Heat can’t afford him AND Wade/Bosh so they have
    to choose, which gets rid of super teams and gives smaller markets a chance
    at superstars.

  • jtjr26 4 years ago

    I don’t like the ‘wheel’ concept but I do think that the teams that get a
    top 3 picks in a given year should not be able to get one of the top 3
    picks the next year. There does need to be some kind of regulation to
    encourage teams from saying there are perpetually rebuilding. Also while I
    do not have much faith in the NBA GM ability to make the best choices all
    the time, as a fan I certainly would not to hand all the power to the kids
    coming out of collage.

  • blacklite911 4 years ago

    This idea is pretty dumb, keep it like it is. Don’t let good teams or major
    city teams get an unfair advantage. I can definitely see college kids
    skipping seasons until the heat come around or something. Also, the first
    time this comes around, the championship calibur teams would get an
    excellent pick the next years, meaning youb would ensure about a decade of
    the same teams being top tier, does the heat need that? It would be a top
    down system that would totally kill mid market teams.

  • James owen 4 years ago

    I’ve never known a person to say ‘Out of anything’ so much in my life Rick,
    is there a video you don’t say it in? ;)

  • Thashy Tall 4 years ago

    So the Knicks are tanking

  • Matt Li Puma 4 years ago

    I like the idea of it, but this exact format wouldn’t work in my opinion.
    If they can make a few changes and figure it all out, I’m all for it

  • Jagdeep Bhinder 4 years ago

    No Rick this would not work. I see a team in future who would suck straight
    for 2 or 3 years and get bad draft picks. Just think if Miami who have
    LeBron James. They are winning championships and they have the first draft
    pick in one or two year. They would be super stacked with a good pick while
    other teams are bad. I don’t know tanking is an issue. It just became
    popular this year where GM are losing to get a high pick. Charlotte has
    been doing that where is get them.

  • Kayser Söze 4 years ago

    The NBA should just eliminate the draft and have a free agency process
    where teams bid on young players from college and the players choose which
    team they want to go to depending on the most interesting offers they
    receive. The Draft just bails out teams with questionable management. It
    really bothers that the spurs have been getting high 20s picks for the last
    decade and they are still a good and well managed organizations whereas the
    raptors have been bad for a long time and they keep getting high picks…

  • joeromero92 4 years ago

    this is my favorite sports talking channel i always check in on the new
    videos love the input y’all being ever single day.

  • MrKillerDuckful 4 years ago

    I hate this man. I know they are trying to prevent teams from intentionally
    tanking. But it would just help the top tier teams. I mean they already get
    the bottom picks and to give them top picks just cause of this wheel is
    unfair man. 

  • FinGames 4 years ago

    1st public commment :D

  • Steve G 4 years ago

    Like many of the comments below, I think that this is a radical step to
    solve what isn’t an enormous problem. There haven’t been that many cases
    of even alleged “tanking” in the history of the league. Usually teams just
    aren’t very good. Did the 2007 Celtics, who lost 18 games in a row, “tank”
    to try to get Oden or Durant? It didn’t seem like they had a wealth of
    talent. They certainly didn’t have a lead with a minute to go and then
    pull all their starters or shoot at their own basket to try to lose those
    games. The Spurs have a new common practice of sitting all of their Big 3
    for certain games. Are they not accused of tanking only because they
    happen to be a good team? If the Wizards sat their three best players,
    “tanking” would be the only thing anyone was talking about. So the issue
    is kinda amorphous and doesn’t necessarily encapsulate the problem with the
    league, which is that there are only about 15 superstars, and they like to
    coagulate on the same “super teams” in order to try to win, and the rest of
    the league has a lot of 2nd and 3rd tier talent, and it isn’t a very good
    overall product. Saying to a team like the Sixers “Ok, we’ll instate this
    draft whereby you’ll pick 22nd, then 16th, then 7th, then 28th, then 12th,
    then 21st, then 3rd in 7 years!!!!” isn’t going to do nearly anything for
    the franchise, the current coach, the current players, the fans–anyone.
    Also, as people have pointed out, sometimes the #1 guy available is
    Shaquille O’Neal, and sometimes it is Kwame Brown, and the team that, 19
    years from now, gets the Kwame Brown draft is completely and utterly

  • Juan Nunez 4 years ago

    I don’t think that the current NBA draft system is the problem. For one
    thing, teams don’t really tank. They just plain suck. Look at the Nets.
    They gambled the next 5-6 years on winning now. What happened? They put
    together an old injury prone team that doesn’t mesh well together and is
    poorly coached. They did the opposite of tanking and ended up with a worse
    team than the Raptors and Celtics, who are rebuilding teams. Fun fact: The
    San Antonio Spurs have not had a top 15 pick since they drafted Tim Duncan
    #1 back in 1998, and they’ve only had one top 20 pick(James Anderson in
    2010) in that same time span. A higher draft pick doesn’t really make you a
    better team. Good scouting and good management does.

    At the end of the day the real question that we should be asking is how can
    we improve the overall quality of the game. I think that the maturity of
    players coming into the league is an issue that needs to be address. I
    don’t care how good of athlete a guy is, he should not be drafted top 5
    without having solid fundamentals. I’m thinking of guys like Michael
    Kidd-Gilchrist, or Tristan Thompson. And way too many glorified D-Leaguers
    get drafted in the first round too. I think that making guys play in
    college or overseas for at least 3 years(like the NFL) would be the way to
    go. You really don’t get a big enough sample size of guys with the current
    one and done rules. A guy can be a phenomenal athlete, he can get hot at
    the right time in the NCAA tournament, and earn a top 5 pick without having
    the skills to be an NBA starter. That’s a real problem that this wheel
    system wouldn’t fix at all.

  • Jeff Criss 4 years ago

    Does anybody else here the fuzz sound whenever Rick talks? and I dont like
    the idea, lets just stick with the old.
    Bad Teams get good players to try and even it out, Good Teams get Worse
    Players for the same, and look its not even a garuntee that the player is
    going to be good or bad, look at MCW he wasnt too high in the picks, then
    Think about Kwame Browne being number 1 pick. I think this is a bad idea as
    GM’s wouldnt really be doing the scouting they would like to, but instead
    its the rookies deciding were they want to go kind of.

  • Daniel A 4 years ago

    The draft isn’t as simple as getting a top 5 or 10 pick. There are going to
    be more busts than steals in every draft.

  • peterfulification 4 years ago

    The idea of “tanking” is so bizarre. American sports need a good dose of

  • jag10 4 years ago

    Socialism rewards tanking.

  • orangeyankees12 4 years ago

    I don’t see to big a problem with “tanking.” It’s how teams have
    developed/rebuilt themselves forever. That being said, this scenario would
    be interesting, but I still don’t agree with it.

  • Freddy Fox 500 4 years ago

    One thing about “tanking” is bad teams wont beat up and/or injure the good
    players. They already know they gonna loose so why fight too hard.