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  • njbuffalobillsnj 4 years ago


  • Avast Samble 4 years ago

    boxers would get the same 

  • Joshua Carrethers 4 years ago

    Real fight she’s Dead haha

  • Matthew Andrews 4 years ago

    Are you judging this fight as art or combat? In a real situation it
    doesn’t matter whether you use technique or brute force. You better use
    what works. If they were on concrete instead of a wrestling mat, that body
    slam might have turned the fight.

  • Tony Way 4 years ago

    People are saying he didnt want to hurt her. You are wrong. He dove from
    his feet to slam her once in the the choke. He tried to win. He tried to
    win brutally too. When it comes to martial arts competition, marines are
    just like every other untrained or under trained nobody out there. She
    outclassed him. Hilarious. 

  • Rodrigo Herrera 4 years ago

    Maybe it’s just me but that slam at the end was a real scumbag move.. So
    glad he got tapped hahaha

  • Joanie Chachi 4 years ago

    john Heitigna Yes a man should more likely be winning comfortably via
    strength, but all it takes is a at small slip up with an experience female
    grappler for her to capitalize on… this guy clearly either isn’t
    trained in BJJ or is still very new to the sport I’m NO expert in the sport
    by any means (2 yrs exp.) but I caught 4 mistakes he made and she took
    advantage of them lol!

  • MOHAMMED ALTHAHABE 4 years ago

    She is a fighter and he is a weak marine

  • jerezsalvi 4 years ago


  • Joanie Chachi 4 years ago

    James Mcbrier He’s just not as experienced as her… any skilled BJJer
    knows that once caught in rear naked you have to immediately start working
    on the arm that’s behind your head, to break the hold.. and as a female i
    disagree about “a 170 pound well trained male would have a 50% chance of
    defeating this I would say 140 pound girl” ‘Ive taken BJJ for almost 2
    years now and the dudes that are in my class with the same amount of
    experience time work me over 95% of the time, they are just stronger and
    can hold mount & side control positions etc. tighter , my flexibility
    doesn’t give me an advantage with them

  • James Mcbrier 4 years ago

    I know I said something controversial but I truly believe it.we need to
    have several thousand truly competitive matches between well trained male
    and female grapplers to resolve this matter.

  • Bart Larsson 4 years ago

    US Marines go up to an enemy all the time and ask,” Excuse me, would you
    like to grapple?”

  • Bart Larsson 4 years ago

    Actually women are not better grapplers. Where did you get that from? From
    this video?

  • Jonathan Kim 4 years ago

    a paperpushing boot straight out of boot camp. Just fyi, just because you
    have the title doesn’t mean you’re a bad ass.

  • James Mcbrier 4 years ago

    don’t forget that women have great quickness,flexibility and
    endurance.these are great qualities for a grappler

  • John Heitinga 4 years ago

    your delusional bro. men have 10 times the testosterone a woman has. also
    much better strength. a man should be winning comfortably

  • Jeremy Sheather 4 years ago

    he could of kicked the shit out of her. lucky for her it was just

  • 2210u 4 years ago

    ¡¡Ella es muy agresiva, es una fiera para pelear!! El chico es lento y sin

  • AnimatorLinden 4 years ago

    somehow I got the feeling he didn’t want to seriously hurt her

  • 2piedivideby3 4 years ago

    you know that guy is going to get shit from his buddies for a long time lol

  • I’m pretty sure the guy is just wearing some army-like clothes.

  • Enrico Mahoney 4 years ago

    One is train to kill with firearms, the other train to kill with hand in
    hand combat. Two different field of expertise.

  • Vetri Selvan 4 years ago

    Easy to beat her,this guy wasting time.

  • James Mcbrier 4 years ago

    I have seen enough. I know that most videos are fake. This is not.90% of
    the videos in which both competitors try and are skilled the girl wins.
    This is not an accident.Lets just admit that generally that girls are
    better grapplers.I don’t care if you are a 300 pound professional football
    player.if you not a well trained grappler,this girl would submit you too.a
    170 pound well trained male would have a 50% chance of defeating this I
    would say 140 pound girl.

  • Sushil Sundar 4 years ago

    Wow..she dominated him real good!!!