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  • DreistStudios 3 years ago

    If you like the highlight video, please leave a comment and share it.

  • amphibdriver1 3 years ago

    All Holly Holmes has fought at cans

  • Hasani Bullard 3 years ago

    +gelefsky22 That was not and early stoppage. Sara McManns hand was clearly
    placed flat on the mat. She was not defending herself at all.

  • luis gonzalez 3 years ago

    Holm signs contract with ufc! Holm vs Rousey 2015 !?!?

  • stephen allen 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to see Holly rearrange Rousey’s face!

  • mike clapper 3 years ago

    Awesome video! She has potential but she will need to get some fights under
    her belt before she goes after Rhonda. Let’s not forget about cat Zingano
    either ;) 

  • Shone Zverka 3 years ago

    Those girls holly fought, should never stepped in the octagon.

  • Christopher Lopez 3 years ago

    Holly Holm is going to knock Ronda Rousy into her next action flick. Holly
    is the real deal. Just like in boxing everyone doubted her and she won 18
    world titles as a boxer! Matter of fact she retired with the 3 belts in 2
    weight classes, she won’t allow herself not to be the champion. 33-2-3 in
    boxing and 7-0 in MMA!

  • Daniel Bohman 3 years ago

    In my opinion Ronda has a bigger and better looking ass than Holm. And I
    also think Ronda would beat her very hard.

  • AKAWEAPON 3 years ago

    Ronda will punish this BEARCH. Then shit on her daddy’s lawn.

  • Erlendrbk89 3 years ago

    She is nothing but a paper champion. Fought only a couple of times outside
    her hometown, and getting all the hometown decisions! A disgrace for
    boxing, and now MMA fans think she’s a badass. Kind of emberassing,
    remembering her nickname Holly “The Hype” Holm. This is the girl that
    retired from boxing when WBC and WBA ordered her to fight Cecilia Braekhus.
    She got offered 250.000 usd to fight her in Denmark. A venue in Las Vegas
    was also planned for July 2013. #CeciliaBraekhus 

  • supermuble 3 years ago

    Amazing. Her ability to transition between punches and kicks is like Connor
    McGreggor or Jon Jones. I’m thinking that this would be considered “Warrior
    Class” hybrid genetics here.

  • cmac brown 3 years ago

    The difference between holm and the girls in the ufc, when she hits you it
    hurts, no woman in the ufc possess that kind of one hit power. Can’t wait
    till she starts beating girls up in the ufc I say put her against the 4
    horsefaces 1 after another 

  • truz8 3 years ago

    Gotta love “Hardcore Holly”

  • Chaosphere psy 3 years ago

    she’ll b a good addition to th UFC but u cant seriously think she can BEAT
    Rowdy, it’ll b jus another outclassed win for Rousey. Ronda’s gonna OWN th
    division until she retires (maybe 1 loss?).

  • JudoMMA1 3 years ago

    She’s got nice hairs

  • Joe Kwong 3 years ago

    She aint ready to be champ

  • waldomarek 3 years ago

    however much i want her to beat ronda… i still think ronda is the more
    well rounded fighter.

    ronda has improved her stand up skills by a LOT, that was her weakest part
    of the game and right now it’s not all that shabby.

  • Lance Greeff 3 years ago

    Lance Greeff – Wish her all the best. She seems like the real deal!

  • Rckstar136 3 years ago

    holly has very dangerous kicks and she’s tall so i see her as a threat to

  • Rashid Talyarkhan 3 years ago

    Interesting.She definitely has some serious power in those legs.If she keep
    her distance from Ronda – and keep it a standing game ,then this may very
    well will be a great fight. Those kicks to her opponents legs look brutal.

  • Johan Jonasson 3 years ago

    She seems to be using that side kick a lot. The way she’s using it
    potentially opens her up way too much for someone who’s more skilled than
    these opponents.

    That left round kick though… a thing of beauty. Especially when she
    throws it to the mid section. Will be interesting to follow in the UFC.

  • geekchaser 3 years ago

    WoW!! Maybe she can take Rhonda!! Holly looks to be an amazing athlete and

  • Chevalier765 3 years ago

    She is tall, agressive, muscular, kicks and punches very good but,
    how is she on the ground?

  • Aidan Bhachu 3 years ago

    Please KO Honda