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  • AJclips 4 years ago

    I like to know who the genius is that came up with the idea to have the
    Nationwide Series race at the Brickyard. They had a short track just down
    the road that put on some of the best racing of the year. But noooooo. They
    rather have the cars put on a snooze fest.

  • GimmeLeather 4 years ago

    Whose lame-brained idea was it to have the Nationwide cars race at the
    Brickyard? Just another attempt at stripping the series of its identity by
    trying to turn it into the Sprint Cup “Mini” Series, akin to allowing
    Sprint Cup regulars to run rampant (usually in the best equipment,
    nonetheless) amongst the Nationwide hopefuls.

  • Linda Mysliborski 4 years ago


  • Josiah Ronning 4 years ago

    shut up