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  • SmellyTP 4 years ago

    I’ve never met an MLS fan in my entire life. Are there only local fans?

  • manny75586 4 years ago

    Really great final. Took a half to real get them to warm up and come out of
    the shell but after half time it was a burner. The crowd and the stadium
    provided an exquisite backdrop as well adding to the drama. 

  • MrNothingButAir 4 years ago

    no HD!? WTF? its 2013!

  • bananaman22 4 years ago

    The better team was RSL. I guess the venue of the finals is determined
    before the start of the season because its weird that one team is playing
    at home for a cup final. 

  • WCBguy1 4 years ago

    I have never seen a MLS crows this crazy……

  • EstehWey 4 years ago

    I was rooting for Real Salt Lake until I heard Grandpa Nielsen had 15 years
    without winning a championship, so i kinda felt bad for him lol wooooo I’m
    glad they won.

  • lordofice72 4 years ago

    I’m really happy to say that because of this game and season, I’ve now
    become a new fan of soccer! So happy for Sporting KC! Thanks for bringing
    the state of Missouri another Championship!

  • TH3b3st7 4 years ago

    The keepers are shite

  • digiprez77 4 years ago

    Want to see the long throw from Besler in Brazil!

  • Adam Byrnes 4 years ago

    This was a classic. I went to the 2012 final, and I hope the Galaxy get
    that far again! Should be a great season all around!

  • Iesu Reloaded 4 years ago

    Every time I watch this it I get the chills. Took my daughter to see this.
    I’ve never been to a soccer match that was this cold. It was well worth it
    2013 MLS Champs!

  • Jacob Alsworth 4 years ago

    2:24 “He’d stayed onside” – He was MILES offside.

  • PR Johnson 4 years ago

    I loved this final.

  • TheZapJJ 4 years ago

    Ok RSL should have one and Jimmy should retire hes to old Rsl got robbed

  • Henry Slater 4 years ago

    Well if those weren’t just about the worst taken penalty kicks I’ve ever

  • Jin DuPre 4 years ago

    Now win the Championship League so MLS can one day be in the Copa
    Libertadores. Hopefully Bieler will stick around and Vermes will play him
    more/larger than Dwyer. I will be very angry if SKC let a good player like
    that slip from a team that has potential of achieving more success. 

  • Xavier Superdoops MacRae 4 years ago

    Collin is my most hated mls player, he whines about EVERYTHING

  • Edw Alkendra 4 years ago

    Angeles galaxy

  • Jazmillenium 4 years ago

    Thank you Sporting KC for beating RSL in the finals.

    Now my Portland Timbers actually have a chance in the CONCACAF Champions

  • Alimamy Bundu 4 years ago

    The 1st half was painful to watch. Bout team came out the second half and
    played like pros. Great final

  • celticjack14 4 years ago

    beauty of a game! the mls is growing

  • rsl could have won but this was a good game 

  • Abraham Rodriuez 4 years ago

    Congrats KC thanks for beating rsl and thanks for an awesome game! This is
    coming from a San Jose Earthquakes fan

  • James Roseman 4 years ago

    Jimmy Nielson is a badass. He got robbed of game MVP. 

  • MrMarko310 4 years ago

    Congrats SKC. Well deserved! Thank you for beating shitty lake!