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  • Chris Turnage 4 years ago

    Kyle Busch is who got me tuned into to NASCAR back when he was driving the
    5 car. This past weekend was my first race to see live and couldn’t of been
    any better then seeing “Rowdy” sweep the weekend

  • dan shirk 4 years ago

    i am starting to like kyle. he has matered and handels himself in victory
    and defeat .i think he realized he could not win every race. but you know
    why jj wins all his champiuonships. look he finished 6th last nite .that
    team with all its success has a uncanny way of staying under the radar
    until its time then they bite you..he needs some dnf and 30th place
    finishes. i guareentee you that were estatitic with their finishing

  • Jeff Wouters 4 years ago

    Too bad every race has a fake debris with about 20 laps to go.unfortunately
    the IRL has better manufactured racing. I’m going too watch F1 witch
    doesn’t have as much manufactured racing as Nascar and IRL!

  • checkitgroovy s 4 years ago

    I Remember when no one liked KY bush…I always did he’s cocky but he can
    bring iy

  • umkayy1 4 years ago

    Kyle Busch is the man and its his year to win it

  • Gerryzime Zimer 4 years ago

    Best driver won. Take it.

  • MrCathlicnun 4 years ago

    Thanks for spoiling the ending :(

  • Da Saints Fan 4 years ago


  • caseyroberts79 4 years ago

    You showed everyone who was boss this weekend,,way to go.

  • shneykiCr7Dp7 4 years ago

    Chevy’s didnt do well at Texas

  • nascarfanatic2425 4 years ago

    Still would’ve been nice to see one of NASCAR’s most talented battle it out
    with one of NASCAR’s greatest for the finish, meaning Kyle vs. Jeff Gordon
    for the win. But that damn hub! Ugh!

  • Flower86Aiden 4 years ago

    He has 2 wins

  • skankuser 4 years ago

    God, NASCAR sucks. Brian France ruined this shit.

  • Vincent Harrison 4 years ago

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