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  • dan16000 3 years ago

    Playing a million offensive players in unfamiliar roles doesn’t work. Play
    more defenders, you will get more chances to score. 

  • Adam Sequeira 3 years ago

    I think it’s fucking ridiculous how people from europe roast teams from mls
    and say that they shouldn’t exist. You are comparing leagues in europe that
    are hundreds of years old versus something that just started like 20 years
    ago. Just because the nba is leaps and bounds better than european ball
    leagues doesn’t mean teams in europe shouldn’t exist. 

  • Jeffrey Cruz 3 years ago

    Fuck the whole mls league hahaha

  • Daniel Delgado 3 years ago

    How can you expect a team with no chemistry to win, most of these players
    have never played with eachother

  • dan16000 3 years ago

    That trophy is way to ugly to be that big. 

  • Franco Rodriguez 3 years ago

    no la ven ni cuadrada los yankis

  • Seth Walker 3 years ago

    Why are European fans such douche bags

  • antoninho37 3 years ago

    M.L.S shit ! Football in Europe is Fantastic !

  • DigitallyVeiled 3 years ago

    As an American believe men when I say the MLS is complete GARBAGE. But you
    already knew that 

  • damystica 3 years ago

    MLS, MSL, LSM…I know this was in 2013 but US Soccer players have no
    coordination when attacking/defending, make bad passes, mistakes even for
    elementary passing. Technical skills don’t exist for the US Team. I’m
    glad Jurgen Klinsmann took over the helm and it was a true sight to see
    USMNT played like how associated football should be played during WC 2014.

  • thomas norman 3 years ago

    the mls aint that bad. it can be compared to the 2nd or 3rd divisons in
    england. which isnt bad because wigan just beat man city….

  • Larsen .Channle 3 years ago

    hey you cant rip on the MLS most of the USA players came from there, yeah
    it might no be a prestige soccer league but at least they can say they are
    professional so they ain’t that bad

  • 613and802 3 years ago

    Totti is amazing

  • Christian Howser 3 years ago

    2012 MLS All Stars were better

  • Francisco Barboza 3 years ago

    What a pass 

  • Jacob Santana 3 years ago

    This was sad, although, you cannot expect MLS having good chemistry. 

  • I am Sudan 3 years ago

    Useless defenders!!!

  • carolinatarheelsyea 3 years ago

    Love Roma :) 

  • rami anis 3 years ago

    forza roma fuck mls

  • John Horris 3 years ago

    How can Europeans be so thick-minded that they are butthurt after *THEIR*
    team wins. Why is that!? If you are wondering, NO I am not American.

  • Victor Nitu 3 years ago

    This just shows European FOOTBALL is way better than american “soccer”.
    Americans should just watch their poor excuse for a sport, handegg, and
    leave the beautiful game alone. 

  • Danny Fleitas 3 years ago

    There suppose to face bayern munich

  • the award ceremony was a joke just like the game….

  • Jamie Padgett 3 years ago

    ughhh so embarassing that our best players cant even keep up. These are
    supposed to be mls allstars. you would at least expect an even and tight
    game but no, it was a blowout with a concellation goal.

  • Federico Nervegna 3 years ago

    Daje Roma