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  • DennisOnBasketball 4 years ago

    *HD*Toronto Raptors vs LA Lakers | December 8, 2013 | Full Game Highlights
    | NBA 2013-2014 Season

  • Jonny Olsen 4 years ago

    I don’t like how the commentator tries to copy Chick Hearn’s “SLAM DUNK!”
    That phrase was unique to Chick Hearn and his golden voice. 

  • KarzolaTV 4 years ago

    Kobes injury was 100 Times more serious than DW. And Kobes minutes were
    limited to ease him into playing conditions again

  • When Dominique Wilkins came back from this same injury he had 30+ pts, Kobe
    had 9pts. He ain’t as good as DW let alone MJ who came back after 1.8
    seasons off to have 19 vs Pacers in 95. Imagine if KB took over a season
    off. LOL An abysmal comeback. Stick a fork in em. 

  • DriftDweller 4 years ago

    T Ross, too clutchhhh!

  • LeKING James 4 years ago

    You know the lakers suck when kobe is passing the ball and they still

  • Melvin Wong 4 years ago

    so happy for kobe to be back ^^

  • Mark Valencia 4 years ago

    kobe dont have to hurry hes great come back just easy guys.. dont critic