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  • BLACKandGAYALLDay 4 years ago

    Great match! Great highlights! Cibulkova definitely deserved the win. I
    trust Venus is still in the process of getting stronger and we’re still not
    seeing her as strong as she will be. Call me crazy…

  • BLACKandGAYALLDay 4 years ago

    How many times did he call her Serena?…

  • ctxtennis 4 years ago

    Great match. It was amazing, thanks for highlights.

  • justu bindas 4 years ago

    Though Venus loses her match, i am in awe of her passion and love for this
    sports. #RESPECT I am sure this passion will motivates her to work
    harder…she just needs her movement and serves…back

  • Roger Liu 4 years ago

    Dominika Cibulkova’s footwork is unbelievable! What a match! Thanks for the

  • Jumanji Jones 4 years ago

    If Venus would have played the first set (in terms of energy) like she did
    the second and third… I’m 99.99% sure she would have won in straights

  • Rayn Aarland 4 years ago

    Thanks for the upload. Great match it was. Venus started slow but got
    better in the match. It’s a pity to see how the syndrome is sucking all of
    her energy, still she put up a good fight. I know she will get stronger.
    Great match by Domi too. She has improved a lot and is so confident these

  • Slovak TennisFans 4 years ago

    Fantastic match :) Pomééé… Thank for highlights :D

  • Lendale Johnson 4 years ago

    Can you upload Venus Williams matches from Charleston? Plz

  • hawaiiantennisvidz 4 years ago

    Add a message to your video

  • skullleader23 4 years ago

    Can someone who understand Slovakian translate what Cibulkova yelling every
    time after a winner?it sounds like” co-mei ” thanks.

  • Stewart M 4 years ago

    Fantastic match, great highlights, thanks for your excellent video