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  • Lei Van Dhiekince 4 years ago

    Barkley just sayin the truth. Thats not hating. why u making it personal?
    Get your baby emotion outta here. But for Kobe, get well soon. Injuries
    after injuries will make a toll to your banged up body. U can return when u
    feel ready. 

  • dhruvil23 4 years ago

    Kobe dont worry about it 6 weeks will go by quick

  • Sundeep Chauhan 4 years ago

    I don’t get how Barkely can hate so hard. Let the man do his thing, and I
    pray he averages more than 20 to throw it in Barkely’s face. Never count
    the Mamba out!

  • Patty .Aiken 4 years ago

    kobe pushs himself too much, the sooner he realises that he’s not as young
    as he once was and he’s not in the best shape anymore, the better he’ll be.