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  • Oliver Tu 3 years ago


  • MrCappon1111 3 years ago

    Stan is believing in himself more and more, he has the most powerful
    groundstrokes on tour I think he wins against Monfils also. 

  • luis Agurto flores 3 years ago

    what a fantastic Macht, Stan can Really win in Paris Next Year

  • IamG3X 3 years ago

    Slow court is like icing on cake for Stan’s backhand.

  • Bob Lee 3 years ago

    No worry about Fed’s back, because Stan’s back!

  • Joshua Bradley 3 years ago

    if fed plays tsonga like he did against monfils, this davis cup final will
    be up to the winners of the doubles match. i think Wawrinka can take down
    monfils, but federer may lose to tsonga if he doesn’t flatten out the ball

  • Daniel Viju 3 years ago

    Wawrinka’s Back Hand Sharp as laser..

  • Sameh Aladin 3 years ago

    Stan’s backhand was unbelievable, the only thing i wanted federer to be
    good at.. “backhand” 

  • Jaden Khor 3 years ago

    Sorry to say but Wawrinka is the definitely the better player in the Swiss
    team. Federer couldn’t even make 30% of Wawrinka’s shots in his match
    against Monfils. Unlike Fed, Wawrinka welcomes every chance he gets to his
    backhand and hits it with such ferocity, precision and grace that it makes
    the opposing player look foolish for thinking he can bully a one handed
    backhander. Roger needs to learn from Wawrinka in terms of backhands
    techniques and probably a little bit on service games if he wants to win

    HoppSchwiiz !

  • Pete Richard 3 years ago

    Stan the best.

  • FrogSqueal 3 years ago

    Wawrinka is playing some great tennis these last two years! Hope he keeps
    it up!

  • 尚大藤田 3 years ago


  • Paul Murray 3 years ago

    Stan the Daddy 4:29