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  • r3verser 4 years ago

    Vasya will be the champion, no doubt, i know it!

  • SAMUEL CLEIFO 4 years ago

    Where can i see this robbery full fight?

  • Pelkiu Uodas 4 years ago

    corupted boxing world

  • Manny Pacquiáo 4 years ago

    I still believe in u loma

  • Alok kimbo 4 years ago

    Stupid enough not to make weight and yea 2 judges were on Nevada made meth.

  • DjRichisum 4 years ago

    it was a good school for lomachenko. i was 100% sure that salido would
    knock him out.

  • Andrew Dudley 4 years ago

    Lomachenko would most likely have one, except for the dozens of low blows
    and terrible referee!!
    Tough fight. 

  • Mektek19 4 years ago

    Lomachenko has considerable skill, but keep him away from the likes of
    Rigondeaux, Garcia, and Donaire. Maybe even Mares, he can’t hang with those

  • rich barell 4 years ago

    Freddie Roach is now Salido’s coach?

  • honx schmitt 4 years ago

    Loma may have to switch trainer from hes father to one who will get him to
    settle down on his feet and throw punches with a little more authority in
    them. Throw like you men it.

  • Jestem Dejw 4 years ago

    Orlando “low blow” Salido

  • jeanfroissart1 4 years ago

    highlights must be incomplete because I see the ukrainian victorious

  • Benjamin Brodeur 4 years ago

    Vasyl needed to get rough! His trainer needed to be more aggressive and
    tell vasyl to let his hands go and use his angles and go! He is the young
    one. Trainer needed to show him his own heart and will to fight harder.

  • GilbertSyndrome 4 years ago

    What a surprise, Arum is pissing and whining about another “corrupt”
    decision. Lomachenko wasn’t ready, and didn’t even deserve a shot at a
    title in his 2nd fuckin bout. Arum actually has a superstar in Rigo, but he
    gets sidelined in favour of potential hype-trains like Lomachenko.

  • peter john 4 years ago

    I had It Close-The weight advantage , clearly showed ,loma done all right,
    but needed a few more warm up fights-this is where he must break from his
    dad as trainer-He was The more skilled fighter

  • Sebastian jones jr 4 years ago

    hahahahaha its sad to see all lomachenkos fans hating and saying that that
    was a robbery hahaha he got taked to pro school by salido who get destroyed
    by mikey garcia hahahaha lets see lomachenko garcia u all pussies haters
    mexico won again fuckers

  • NAPPA S 4 years ago


  • Chris Martin 4 years ago

    Should have had at least 10 pro fights..regardless of his talent…Top Rank
    ..heck all of these promoters use these boxers like shit…they don’t give
    a shit..these kid could be great..build him up slowly…

  • Grom Rus 4 years ago


  • rsuvorov80 4 years ago

    Robbery!!! There is nothing else, that can be done to stop Ukrainians,
    judges just robbed the guy, shame on this kind of boxing!

  • Andrey Lvov 4 years ago

    Loma was much better than Mexican. Such a victory – a shame for a boxer.
    Referee probably from Russia)))

  • jose soto 4 years ago

    I think salido being so much heavier had a lot to do with it u can
    lamenchenko didn’t wanna engage N that ref is horrible but the fight was
    close I just felt salido showed he wanted it more

  • ll22Adrian23ll 4 years ago

    Feel sorry for the kid…& they wanted to throw him in with Rigo?!? Gtfo

  • TEC Boxing 4 years ago

    Salido looked too big and used every trick in the book IMO. Credit
    Lomachenko for trying to finish Salido late.

  • Salvador Acevedo 4 years ago

    Salido is the best