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  • Jose Guerrero 4 years ago

    To so call ur self brotherhood use niggas always run and got a big ass
    mouth and when use niggas lose like bitch ass Broner always got an excuse
    bitches so fuck u brotherhood. 

  • theboxingchanneltv 4 years ago

    Soto Karass has a tough chin HBO Boxing: Mike Jones vs. Jesus Soto Karass
    II Highlights (HBO) ‪#‎KnockoutKings2‬ ‪#‎boxing‬ ‪#‎shobox‬

  • jose181886 4 years ago

    Mike jones looks like a middleweight 

  • Patrick Castillo 4 years ago

    @chiladin asking Pacquiao or MAyweather to fight Martinez would be like
    asking Martinez to fight Chad Dawson or Hopkins. Too large a weight

  • zarathustra718 4 years ago

    Shut up before i call Zimmerman to cap your black ass

  • Aaron Mamitag-Quimson 4 years ago

    Chamillionaire has a new meaning of “dyke jones” watching mike jones being
    a boxer-bitch nigger who doesn’t have any power those punches

  • blacktee31 4 years ago

    @BilboTaybaggin Why u watchin the video then? Lol U mad, put on some gloves
    and box the “boxer-bitch nigger”, from the way you talk u must be
    tought,right or are you just a keyboard warrior?

  • MrTeether 4 years ago

    Mike Jones reminds me of a try hard in FPS games

  • dudester4884 4 years ago

    Mike Jones wants to fight Pacquiao!? Tss Pacquiao will tear him up

  • Rhoderian Gadia 4 years ago

    he got…KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT by Bailey.

  • daholyone100 4 years ago

    Fuckin head bunt reff is bitch negros always somehow use their heads mouth
    and elbows in the fights..he was punching nowhere near the head though.

  • Burns mac 4 years ago

    Berto ain’t shit without his roids.

  • Mark Simeon 4 years ago

    who? MIKE JONES!

  • Ngozi4 4 years ago

    Mike Is good and all but He’s not ready for Pacman nor mayweather. He is
    way too off balance later rounds for pacman and mayweather. Needs
    improvment in cardio work and ecspecially blocking. Karass was way too slow
    and tired and was still hitting Jones.

  • Lion21Zero 4 years ago

    Mike Jones has great skill…….

  • Dontae Williams 4 years ago

    @elcondepatula which nigga should have been qualified the black or the

  • wiwi wi 4 years ago

    @crimen U SAW IT?

  • The God Send 4 years ago

    I think he should fight Mayweather or Pacquiao next year. But I don’t think
    Pacuiao will fight him, if he’s still undefeated. Floyd will. But I think
    Jones will give Mayweather trouble though. On the other hand, Mayweather’s
    the best so…

  • crazylazystacy 4 years ago

    @MrPsychopath83 you are beyond BLIND!!! maidana Ortiz was a good fight and
    Ortiz would probalby beat Maidana 9 out of 10 times but it just wasnt his
    night that night. People arent perfect and the same goes for boxers. There
    is no guy out there that CANT!! be beat. Styles make fights and certain
    styles are taylor made for others. And as far as Ortiz being a quitter. You
    must of missed Berto vs Ortiz cuz THAT ortiz was far from a
    quitter…..SUCK ON THAT!!!!

  • Trojanxplayer 4 years ago

    who is mike jones? who?

  • chiladin 4 years ago

    @dudester4884 Who has Pacman really fought lately that we REALLY thought
    could give him a defeat? Old ass Shane, flat flooted and one dimensional
    Magacheato, a drained De L Hoya, Hatton who Floyd already crushed, or
    scared ass Clottey? The ONLY fight I thought he would have problems was
    from Cotto who damn near died in the ring prior to the fight against
    Magacheato who damn near put a hole in his head. If he was REALLY the man
    he needs to fight Martinez at 154 if he can’t get Floyd.

  • phillieskillmets 4 years ago

    the one cut was a butt but the other one was a punc and he got his ass
    kicked he was complaining about body punches little bitch lolz.

  • BrotherHoodXhERU 4 years ago

    Muthafuckas kill me always talking shit about somebody dancing and running
    when they are not gifted enough to bridge the gap to land their big shots.
    Mike Jones beat that ass b’cuz he’s a boxing technician and athletically

  • bob g 4 years ago

    jones looks like the G-man

  • Erick Macías 4 years ago

    Mike Jones will be a big deal soon