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  • fred_ed 92 3 years ago

    Probably the best p4p fighter of this era (at least he is up there with
    Mayweather, Ward, Pacquiao, GGG)! he is sooo underrated and just not
    appreciated by the casual fans, it’s a shame! 95% of the boxing fans don’t
    understand what rigo is doing in the ring! How can people say he is boring?
    To me it’s a pleasure to watch this man dismantle world class opponents
    like they are nothing! I give rigo mad probs, he deservs to be ppv!

  • LDaniel St 3 years ago

    Annoys me that on the British boxing scene everyone kisses quigg and
    framptons arse’s. Everyone seems to forget Rigondeaux would expertly
    dispatch both and take their titles. Both massively ducking

  • Lord Longford 3 years ago

    I have wached this video countless times, Rigondeaux is a joy to watch ,
    the way he moves , its more than just good footwork , the way he moves his
    whole body is done with such timing and rhythm, its like watching a dancer,
    throwing punches , i’ve never seen anything like him before. It frustrates
    me to hear people say he runs away, personally i dont want to see a blood
    bath every fight, Rigondeaux is apure boxer , if you dont like Rigondeaux ,
    you dont like boxing. Go watch UFC instead … 

  • Cali Jamz 3 years ago

    Yawn. Tell me when he grows balls and becomes entertaining. 

  • stuka80 3 years ago

    Boxers like Rigondeaux, you just gotta throw as many punches and put
    pressure on him as much as possible while being smart about it. You gotta
    make it a dirty fight. Trying to play a tactical game with him like this
    guy is doing is the worst thing you can possibly do, unless you’re actually
    as good if not better than him at it, it would be hopeless.

  • BigDonLennon 3 years ago

    Rubio , rigondeauxs trainer, said their changing his style little by
    little. And their reason is so he can be “more” exciting. I’m pissed
    because rigondeaux is the best I’ve ever seen and if they take away his
    elusivness like his last two fights I might just stray away as a fan.

  • TBE Tim 3 years ago

    He will kill Pacroid!

  • stupaod 3 years ago

    I honestly thought Cordoba beat him… Shrugs…

  • Marklin Smith 3 years ago

    cool music.what is this some cuban joints?

  • HaloedG 3 years ago

    400 amateur fights, 2 gold medals and a PanAm games gold medal will give
    you the kind of tact Rigo shows. Brilliance.

  • Kay D 3 years ago

    This guy HAS to fight on a Mayweather undercard one day. I really hope he

  • Amircal Fernandez 3 years ago

    Tremenda porquería la musiquita, nada que ver con el vídeo, lo lamento.

  • oarriaga42 3 years ago

    He has to move up weight .

  • MrLimbei123 3 years ago

    He reminds me of a master fencer.

  • kwill995 3 years ago

    MORE ACTION GO WATCH A FUCKING ACTION MOVIE !!!!!!!!! No better than mike
    Vick just wanna see two people punch each other’s guts out with no skill an

  • Oj Lee 3 years ago

    like a fucking mongoose

  • Zen Master 3 years ago

    I bet boxing fans who don’t know shit about boxing hate this guy like them
    idiots at Executives at HBO

  • PhantomO01 3 years ago

    Wow he is amazing. 

  • TheChiconspiracy 3 years ago

    Economy of movement pretty much defined.

  • JeromeRyan88 3 years ago

    he’s fast but all hes doing is baiting the opponent then 1 straight left
    then step back.. he can’t throw flurry of powerful punches like pacquiao

  • Esco Esco 3 years ago

    This guy is a beat, he has everybody scared to box him. 

  • goheat77 3 years ago

    4:15 he knew he was fainting 2 lefts to setup the right. He did the fear
    the faint and he still dodged the right at point blank distance. Cuban’s
    got mad skills

  • Gavin Roy 3 years ago

    this guy is technically perfect! at the moment he is the best boxer in one
    of, if not the most, stacked divisions at world level. hope we get to see
    him in the UK to fight carl frampton in the future. i believe that they are
    the top two in the division and it would be a fight that boxing fans would
    be talking about for years.

  • Sour Inc 3 years ago

    whats the music in the background

  • Christian Lopez 3 years ago

    There’s no one in the world that can be so perfect technically, I wish rigo
    had a couple of extra pounds to fight mayweather