Gordon Hayward's Game-Winner From All Angles! - Taco Bell Buzzer-Beaters

See Gordon Hayward beat the Cavaliers at the buzzer for the big win from all camera angles. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada….
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  • Hyun Bae 3 years ago

    Where’s the espn now? Looool. Overrated ass no 1 player. Can’t wait until
    his 2 yr contract expires, n see he ditch his ass from Cleveland team n go
    to some other team again. 

  • Can beat LeBron in League of Legends.
    Can beat LeBron in real-life.

    Damn I love this guy.

  • T R I L L Snitch Randall 3 years ago

    2 dislikes are from Dolphinfootball23 and MiamiCavs guy

  • AsianMatrix 3 years ago

    The haters have arrived. I’m surprised this video doesn’t have at least 2k
    likes considering everybody fucking hates the Cavs and LeBron. The hate has
    came off the Heat and onto the Cavs now that LeBron is with the Cavs. You
    haters are fucking pathetic as hell. Quit hating and get a fucking like you
    faggot ass turds. Yeah I’m mad so what? Im not even a Cavs fan but a fan of
    the game and a fan that recognizes greatness. Kobe, LeBron and Durant
    doesn’t deserve the hate they all get. Who the fuck cares if Kobe chucks up
    30+ shots a game? Who the fuck cares if LeBron plays so bad? It’s early in
    the season so you can’t determine which anything yet. So shut the fuck up

    P.S. That was a great shot by Hayward. 

  • Darnell Thompson 3 years ago

    Gordon Hayward was challenging LeBron all game. It has always been a tough
    place to win in Utah. 

  • ZE-TRUTH 3 years ago

    LOL this comment section is filled with lebron haters, or should I say fans
    in denial. 

  • Trevor Nicholas 3 years ago

    You haters are fucking pathetic. Instead of crediting Gordon Hayward for a
    great game-winning shot, the ENTIRE video becomes about LeBron “flopping”
    while tripping over a dude’s leg. That shit happens. Why can’t you just
    appreciate the fucking buzzer beater?…

    You say that everyone rides LeBron’s dick, yet every hater I see on here
    are the ones bringing his name up. Not the NBA. If it was anyone besides
    LeBron who tripped (aka KD, DRose) you’d be crying. But now APPARENTLY YOU
    ARE ALL JAZZ FANS. Gtfo hate bandwagoners.

  • iKoreaan 3 years ago

    Cavs probably could’ve won if lebron wasn’t a pussy.
    How the fuck do you fall over that weak ass screen?
    Some people might say he tripped over his leg, but that’s a load of bull…
    Lebron looked right at Favors, but chooses to run directly at him and
    “trip”. Maybe if he didn’t rely on flopping so much, the outcome could’ve
    change, but who knows.
    Don’t get me wrong, Lebron James is one of the best players in the history
    of the NBA, but he fucking flops way too much. 

  • Tom Rooks 3 years ago

    Great shot!

    Did lebron just fell beacuse of touch of a elbow….that weight loss took
    away his powers..

  • Rico Suave 3 years ago

    Where are all the idiots that said Gordon Hayward can’t play? Oh that’s
    right theyre all pissed now cuz they’re racist AF and hate white NBA
    players that could ball. I’ll wait

  • DM_Abb 3 years ago

    being from Utah im happy but practical… were not better than the cavs
    once they start clicking LOL!…..I miss that white boy Stockton

  • illegal screen at 0:15 but of course the refs didn’t call it. Lebron would
    have blocked him and sent the game to OT. 

  • JBars 3 years ago

    Oh my god, these comments are fucking hilarious. just goes to show how no
    one actually watches games anymore only youtube clips. Lebron hits a fading
    CLUTCH three with hayward in his face and then three clutch freethrows
    right before this play. When Lebronwent out of the game, the cavs went down
    like ten. He came back and put them up 2.

  • OneLove94 3 years ago

    Look at haters pouncing on the opportunity to trash lebron. We’ll see in
    June how right you self proclaimed bitch ass “experts” are. Fucking low
    life basement dwelling virgins with single digit IQs. Eat a dick!

  • MiamiCavalier FanEST2010-2015 3 years ago

    Bandwagon Gordan Hayward fans xD You CLEARLY didnt see the full game and
    see how clutch Goat was. BTW Goat is saving his goatness for the Playoff
    teams. Lets see Utah go to the finals LOL. Goat was on fire and Hayward got
    lucky. He will NEVER win a ring let alone see the playoffs. You haters are
    fucking weak. Grow up.
    2 Rings. 5 MVPS > Gordan Haywards career

  • xXcrusher6363Xx 3 years ago

    the jazz are better than the cavs smh

  • NoRRes97 3 years ago

    The Cavs lost end again every bitch ass hater comes out off their hole and
    talks shit, it’s so ridicilous, it doesn’t matter what lebron do he gets
    blamed for everything, he scored the last 6pts for the cavs and they still
    say he isn’t clutch, and then they say they don’t hate lebron they hate his
    fans that’s just bs, U just can’t like him cuz of his decision or some shit
    but he is one of the nicest guys and u acting like he is a badass, and he
    is one of the best guys who ever played dat game and he is still 29 and he
    has like another 7-8 years to play and I now he will get another 2-4 rings
    and maybe he don’t will pass MJ but when he retire u can say he was the
    best behind jordan, he is maybe not a scorer like MJ or Kobe but u can see
    he is a teamplayer and when he would take 20-30 shots every game he would
    score also every game like 30-40 pts

  • qbl22 3 years ago

    Cleveland= The guys at the local gym/court who stacked up their team with
    the best guys but losses cause they realize all of their guys are iso guys
    who dont move the ball


  • Axel Smithson 3 years ago


  • TheAqwPeeps 3 years ago

    Lol Lebron flop he tried to ram the screen

  • Sal Soliz 3 years ago

    Why the title say ” Game winner from all angels ” ?? Is it because the NBA
    know he suck?!

  • Alex Beberman 3 years ago

    It’s a nice change to have a nice looking player in the NBA (Let’s face it
    most of the players are butt ugly in the NBA)
    Gordon Hayward is so hot I would suck him, no homo.

  • Hotsauce Mucho 3 years ago

    i dont give a fuck if they lose today or in the other day or till this
    month idont give a fuck! LEBRON JAMES is still the madaaaFUCKING MVP in my
    heart i dont give a fuck on u haters whining about how he play today! after
    a couple of months probably they will be dominating the legue just w8 u
    fucking lbj haters! there chemistry will be fine in a couple of weeks ahaha
    then all of u will fucking cry in front of ur pc and trying to slap ur face
    because of their succcess!!!!!

  • Abdul Mohammed 3 years ago

    That was a tough step back considering that he’s a right handed shooter and
    he came to the right side of the court for the execution. Good on him

  • William Sanders 3 years ago

    I watched this sequence about 50 times and it looks like that fall was a
    little on purpose despite getting knocked in the knee on the screen. No one
    likes the game winner in their face. Even LeBron.