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  • Stevebuscemi11 4 years ago


  • ugadawg5 4 years ago

    Thank you! Been looking for this for like 10 years!

  • DrGothics 4 years ago

    I’ve searched for this track for at least a decade and a half… I cannot
    thank you enough!

  • Billy Mac 4 years ago

    Yeah baby i have been looking for this forever thank you. Now i just have
    to find a legit version of Yanni’s version of In Celebration of Man

  • Michael Meinhart 4 years ago

    CBS theme is better

  • michael benjamin 4 years ago

    Anybody have any idea who it is?

  • Wil L 4 years ago

    Listen to this song while playing Wii Golf, it’s awesome!

  • ORCoastGuy1 4 years ago

    It’s available on iTunes. “Into the Night” by Exchange

  • howman07 4 years ago

    I just loaded this song onto my ipod!!! Fantastic find!! Thank you so very

  • Pace Doherty 4 years ago

    epic song

  • William Palmer 4 years ago

    @Shitballs78: Where did you find it? Been trying to find a clean version as

  • Ev an 4 years ago

    @mikepga1 Exchange

  • Danny Var 4 years ago

    This song reminds me of how heroic Tiger’s win in ’08 U.S. Open was. That’s
    what this song means to me. Epic.

  • johnnystir 4 years ago

    Let’s look at the highlights…out to the first where Phil Mickelson had
    this short birdie…>RAHHHHH. Then he had this one at two…RAHHHHHHHHHHH
    so Phil Mickelson was off to a good start. Now over to seven, Tiger Woods
    for Eagle…ROOAAAAAAAARRR!!! And Tiger was tied. Back at six, Jim Furyk
    trying to save par….CLAP CLAP CLAP…he remained one back. That brings us
    to just a moment ago, Phil Mickelson for birdie to take a one stroke

  • tube93745 4 years ago

    Thank you for posting a clean version and tagging it so that people can
    find it! All U.S. Open fans love this music! I particularly like it when
    the highlight reel is an essay on someone making a comeback charge or
    staying tough by making difficult par saves, basically a theme of not
    giving up and going forward with determination, which is what this music
    signifies to me.

  • ajit87 4 years ago

    This makes me picture a white Lotus Esprit driving round Miami Beach with
    lot’s of men wearing powder pink blazers, bikini babes with big hair and
    some rich villain needing to be caught. Definitely NOT golf!

  • aerodawg21 4 years ago

    I cannot believe my ears. This music evokes such great memories watching
    the Open with my Dad. Thank you for posting this.

  • sb19ify 4 years ago

    now lets go live to roger at the par 3 6th

  • bigblackmantoke 4 years ago

    does anyone know that song cbs/ golf channel/nbc have been playing recently
    its like a upbeat rhythm with guitar chords creating a really rocking beat.
    im sure you’ll know the one i mean if u’ve heard it. would really
    appreciate it thanks

  • amlnet49 4 years ago

    I’ve been looking for this music for six years. Well done!

  • golfguyify 4 years ago

    This is a terrific score. I want it as a ringtone but the problem is, I
    would never answer any calls. I would let it play in it’s entirety, it is
    that good. I wonder if “Exchange” receives royalties each time their piece
    is aired during highlights. It is the perfect musical score for golf