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  • luchador1764 3 years ago

    wow, ur not supposed to jump like he did. its supposed to be a pivot from
    one knee to the other. wow… thats really simple shit. dont argue it
    either because its not a matter of differing techniques, its a matter of:
    thats not how you effectively take someones back. its not a jump, its a
    smooth pivoting transition. jesus christ. at least he did the front
    headlock right.

  • taylor cindy 3 years ago

    @sirhclopez 1. royce gracie 2. saku 3. matt hughes and when gracie and saku
    realized nobody at their weight could give them a fight they pursued much
    lager opponents who would possibly brutalize them. gsp flat out refuses to
    take that risk so he doesnt make the list. sorry bud but his mediocre reign
    won’t last forever.

  • mateodawkins 3 years ago

    Such an incredibly explosive athlete. His motion is very fluid.

  • RakdaStone 3 years ago

    @forbesfoofighters UR probably right, John FItch can probably beat anybody
    GSP can, however John Fitch cannot beat GSP… so fuck you

  • taylor cindy 3 years ago

    @RakdaStone “ur the biggest idiot i have ever met.” it’s spelled YOU’RE and
    we have never met. i defy you to name 1 welterweight who gsp could beat and
    jon fitch could not. i’ll be waiting…

  • RakdaStone 3 years ago

    @forbesfoofighters ur the biggest idiot i have ever met. He’s not even in
    the top 3 welterweights of all time?? find a website wheres he’s not even
    in the top 3 for pound for pound best fighters of all time. Holy shit wat a
    stupid comment. u have no idea wat ur talking about.. And a lot a lot of
    people have said great things about his wrestling abilities like he’s the
    best in mma. If u dnt believe me type in best wrestlers in mma and go to
    the first link. Learn a thing or two about mma nxt tme

  • HmongYou2Tube 3 years ago

    Shit man, GSP training in his jeans. Hardcore!

  • shogun996 3 years ago

    @RakdaStone Well he’s bigger now but he has to work hard to keep that
    weight. You can just tell. He’s just right for a welterweight but he’s
    definitely not the biggest. Jon fitch, Josh koscheck and Thiago Alves and
    Dan hardy are all bigger then him. He looks bigger because he’s cut up up
    like a Greek Statue.

  • Zahed Fettah 3 years ago

    I understand people are passionate about MMA, but, chill out people

  • allstock5 3 years ago

    fukn gsp your the fukn man

  • RickMerchantttt 3 years ago

    @fishsthirdaccount This guy I know knows this guy, who knows this guy, who
    knows this guy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy, who knows BJ Penn
    said that never happened.

  • gokor777 3 years ago

    fuck karo parisyan

  • Matt Wiggins 3 years ago

    Dang GSP is so fast.

  • MrGarky 3 years ago

    I tried this against my nephew who has 70 lbs on me. It worked well but
    when I tried to roll him, he just landed on me. Haha.

  • dick mc 3 years ago

    @RakdaStone why act like a bitch… oh wait… cause you are a bitch….
    so… fuck you…. bitch….

  • taylor cindy 3 years ago

    @shogun996 to be honest i read your user name and decided i wouldnt waste
    my time reading anything you had to say. sho-goon fans are worse than child

  • shogun996 3 years ago

    @forbesfoofighters MMA is changing. Back then when those 3 fighters you
    named were the big names of MMA it was a different sport then. Giving up
    weight is a much bigger deal now. And bone structure wise he isn’t a very
    big welterweight as it is. And even if he did move up in weight they say
    he’s even able to take down guys like Rashad Evans. He would do fine at
    185. And he’s dominated every good welterweight. And you can’t even use
    Royce as your top 3 it wasn’t even MMA back then.

  • d6ud9e 3 years ago

    or when you roll u can stop in the middle an do anaconda I dont like
    submissions tho.

  • Fox Dai 3 years ago

    1:19 like dis

  • shogun996 3 years ago

    @forbesfoofighters Well I don’t believe anything you say DOUCHE BAG
    Koscheck was an NCAA Champ and has good stand up. I doubt he gets “Mauled”
    you faggot. You are so stupid you think all Shogun fans are the same
    Forrest Is the only one that legitimately beat him. Who knows how the first
    coleman fight would have went if he didn’t break his arm.And pretty much
    every major highly respectable fighter in the UFC including Couture thinks
    Shogun won the first Machida fight you hopeless delusional cunt.

  • RakdaStone 3 years ago

    @MegaDickbuttkiss lol good one…. megadickkkk… faggot…… hey u k what
    the difference between u and a rock is…. a rock can acutally come up with
    a good comeback. So go do wat u do best… butt kiss Jon fitch u piece of
    shit dumbass…..

  • lizzardkingg420 3 years ago

    @forbesfoofighters gsp would mess up anderson silva all day. u know
    nothing. this guy is best p4p right now and hes taken out the top of his
    division so far but theres still more ppl for him ot fight like jake
    sheilds who i dont really think has much of a chance. maybe after he has
    some time to get bigger without gettin fat then hell move up. hes beat the
    shit out of anyone in the ufc even alot of light heavyweights except the
    top. probly even a heavyweight whos not that experienced/talented.

  • taylor cindy 3 years ago

    @shogun996 i wouldn’t have to be a douche bag just not brainwashed. i truly
    did not read your last comment but shogun fans are all scum bags. im a huge
    fan of his aggressive and technical style but the fans that cant admit that
    coleman or machida or forrest kicked his ass (which is 90%) are the
    pathetic low lives. jon fitch has dismantled guys that have dismantled
    koscheck and the AKA team is not quiet about stating jon fitch mauls
    koscheck every time they roll together YOU STUPID SHIT HEAD.

  • songmanslim 3 years ago

    thats called a “russian roll” collegic wrestling 101

  • shogun996 3 years ago

    @forbesfoofighters He’s a small welterweight. Look at him compared to most
    the guys he has fought in the welterweight division. He isn’t very big. He
    just recently added that weight. He walks around at 195 but he probably
    needs to work hard to keep that weight because his bone structure doesn’t
    really support his frame.