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  • David Finch 4 years ago


  • dsa0224 4 years ago

    Bow to da king noobz

  • Ballaboy2523 4 years ago

    Miami upsets me cause they have the freakin roster to win 70 games
    especially this year! The East is terrible and you got 4 solid teams in the
    West. This team is loaded. Adding Beasley was just the rich getting richer.
    Lebron won 66 games with the Cavs in a more competitive league. Heat won 66
    last year but easily could of won 70 taking the four games they REAL
    shouldn’t of lost and turning into W’s. Unless there’s another streak and a
    longer one this time I don’t see it happening this year either. 

  • xavier decastro 4 years ago

    andy elisburg is big 

  • Murray Burgess 4 years ago

    What an annoying announcer

  • Ballaboy2523 4 years ago

    If Miami came out serious and focused from the get go like the Pacers,
    Spurs and Bulls (regardless of their record they play hard every night).
    Like Noah said they are Hollywood as hell. They let an aging Duncan and
    Ginobli look more aggressive than the Best player on the planet and
    Superstar (yes superstar) Wade. 

  • Kentrell Johnson 4 years ago

    Lovely video!!

  • Herbie Melo 4 years ago

    But them lebrons the king had on looking nice dou!!! 

  • Locoid B 4 years ago

    Still can’t believe spurs choke that game 6 finals. Leonard choke so did
    ginobli can’t hit free throws. And why take out duncan last 30secs of the

  • Jason Mathews 4 years ago

    whats the name of the song of when i players got their rings?

  • DevThePro 4 years ago

    Song at 1:41 is The Rising by Bruce Springsteen

  • Christopher Longo 4 years ago

    Heat dont play hard because they want to keep there guys healthy and ready
    for the playoffs why play hard early and be injured when it matters..

  • Naziru Tanimu 4 years ago


  • anthonyvv98 4 years ago


  • Charmaine Rebong 4 years ago

    Miami is just lucky they didnt play the mavs!

  • Erick Saelee 4 years ago

    Gayest fans

  • Maxi Oh 4 years ago

    It’s a long season guys. 82 games ain’t no joke. Most important thing is
    that everyone stays healthy till the playoffs. That’s most important.

  • william delgadillo 4 years ago

    10:07 lebrons james did 2 illuminati symbols 1. devil horns 2. 666 hes a
    real mvp.. most valuble puppet 

  • TwistxStrike 4 years ago

    Lol payed referees 

  • brennin Nelson 4 years ago

    I’m not trying to be a downer but did anyone else see how much illuminati
    signs lebron put up

  • Blanca Alvarez 4 years ago

    Lebron ain’t no true champion like tim duncan…. we all knw that finals
    was rig. For money n not skillsss… if u want to get technical. Lebron
    james n San Antonio spurs are really 1:1 in championship. .. so lets find
    out who the champs are in 2014… heat won because of more jerseys sell,
    more popularity, more hype… nba wants $.. not true skills like spurs…
    Miami CHEAT..not true champions since it was rig for Miami. .. truth hurt
    doesn’t it

  • vedaant garg 4 years ago

    Dwayne Wade looks like a squirrel at 11:05

  • rojer fewling 4 years ago

    that game six thing is sad that shot was ray allens biggest shot in his

  • Dymond Reed 4 years ago

    KING JAMES #6 

  • Goat Boat 4 years ago

    LOL- Jared Vogel smokin that good stuff– THAT BOB MARLEY GOOD STUFF!