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  • JayDaVillian1991 4 years ago

    damn i wish he could have won a championship….i know championship isnt
    EVERYTHING but as a fan since 2001 all-star game it brings a tear to my eye
    that such a great player deserved so much more. he deserved a better team
    truly. i am not hating on the sixers as team but damn get him some talented
    players to take some of the load…DAMN I WANTED A.I to leave with a ring

  • vince3139 4 years ago

    lmao philly fans booing everybody wtf


    Iverson had the the biggest heart Basketball or any sport has ever seen!!!!

  • Matt D 4 years ago

    Tears of joy! It is unfortunate that we never won a championship but I
    don’t care about that! I never really watched the Sixers for Kyle Korver
    sink 3s or the beast Dalembert or really anyone else on the team. I watched
    AI. You just watched in awww as he flashed his greatness. He played with
    heart. He still remains one of the greatest players to have never won a
    It was an honor to have seen him played, let alone for my home team!!!
    Thanks for the great years Allen!

  • Bruce Williams 4 years ago

    one of the best guards ever to play the game hands down. Cant wait to watch
    his HOF inductee speech

  • ShakeDown2012 4 years ago

    In the early 2000′s, I witnessed Allen Iverson set a new standard of Heart
    on the Basketball court. He had a rough road but he dealt with it like a
    man. I wish him the best. 

  • Jan Herdick 4 years ago

    I have a question . Why r they booing the commissioner . I like it because
    its funny but … idont know why :D

  • Dewey Fletcher 4 years ago

    how could you forget george mcginnis

  • Sivene Lolwana 4 years ago

    #AllenEzailIverson #AI +brian mthimkhulu +Bahle Ngcobo +Chulumanco
    Macingwane +Jarumi Crooks 

  • LeIllKid 4 years ago

    Come on now… THAT’S the boat ya’ll got him?

  • MJ KUSHIE 4 years ago

    KING OF THE CROSSOVER!!! this guys deserves it! allen iverson is definitley
    one of the greatest ball players of all time. in the early 2000s it was all
    about t-mac, vince carter, and this guy…. he’s the reason i love
    basketball…and i STILL have your jersey bro lol……congratulations to
    The Answer!!

  • Junito santiago 4 years ago

    The best poundpound #TheAnswer3

  • cbfbmc 4 years ago

    i did not hear Larry Brown name.

  • xart23x 4 years ago

    Nothing pretentious bout A.I….left it all on the court, and still cool as
    they come.

  • Tsering Sherpa 4 years ago

    he is the best…

  • Dinny Nguyen 4 years ago

    Apart from everything, he sounds so uneducated.

  • omgstoptakingnames 4 years ago

    man iverson will always be my favorite player of all time. seeing an
    unstoppable little guy almost single handedly carry his team to a
    championship as a kid was pretty damn inspiring.

  • Derrick Brown 4 years ago

    Congrats to the legend will always be oe of my favorite players there will
    never be another allen iverson

  • RebPierre 4 years ago

    apart of my childhood has been immortalized. Yea AI definately deserves a
    way bigger boat than that! 

  • aaron keys 4 years ago


  • Sean Lopez 4 years ago

    I hate how they have the rich white owner jew scum come talk lol they were
    getting booed, no one gives a shit what they say. fucking faggots

  • Johnny Sahsa 4 years ago

    Greatest ever,he gave everyone that wasnt tall hope,that maybe one day with
    hard work and dedciation you could do it too

  • Josh Ruiz 4 years ago

    I still got my Nike Swingman Jersey of Iverson. Never getting rid of it.
    And I’m a Bulls fan haha.

  • Jamal West 4 years ago

    I swear it looked like home boy at the end was having ideas about stealing
    and running off with the boat lmao

  • Jarren Wang 4 years ago

    whys there 4 dislikes? somethings wrong