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  • Qualsiasi23 4 years ago

    what is the name of 2 song?

  • Luis Villeda 4 years ago

    Wow, do you hate Benetton? At 1:30 it’s the first glimpse of them, barely,
    1:34 a second glimpse, and finally a crash of one of them at 1:40. I stoped
    watching then.

  • sarin82 4 years ago

    1997, the last REAL F1 season.. after that they started with all kinds of
    weird regulations. Grooved tires, 10% smaller cars, smaller rear wings,
    smaller engines, DRS, KERS.. etc. etc. All because F1 technology was too
    expensive and the cars became too fast. Well FFS… IT’S F1, IT’S SUPPOST

  • Max G 4 years ago

    The cars looked much better back then. The wide tracking and slicks with
    low wings made every car look more purposeful. Even with slicks, the 2010
    cars look plain weird, with those tall very narrow wings at the rear with
    ironing boards up front.

  • Vivien Szarka 4 years ago

    Mi ez a zene, mi a cime????????????????????

  • Tim M. 4 years ago

    What is the name of the song? It’s not from U2 :( ..

  • TheDanzomanzo 4 years ago

    Watch a slo-mo replay. Goes from unlikely to nearly certain in my opinion
    that Michael didn’t want to just shut the door…….

  • Vivien Szarka 4 years ago

    Was ist der Name der Musik????????????????????

  • richie1438 4 years ago

    Barrichello in Monaco has to be one of the best drives i’ve seen Rubens
    do.Up there with Germany 2000. Also the best looking car of that season has
    to be the Prost!I miss those days!

  • awsed25 4 years ago

    Name, music, music name, title of song???!!!!??

  • tiansivive 4 years ago

    @sarin82 yeah, only thing worth watching now is Hamilton. He’s the only one
    who brings excitement to the races. But anyway, I think the worst decision
    they ever made was to make the cars reliable (along with reducing engines,
    that’s just plain stupid). That just makes the races boring and uneventful.
    I remember I loved Mclaren a lot because they could be leading the whole
    race but the car would fail on the last corner. I think F1′s become a
    circus really, they don’t even race in the wet anymore

  • rayyderf1 4 years ago

    michael schumacher !!

  • godzassassiinz 4 years ago

    If u watch the last crash with Michael and Jacques you can clearly see
    Jacques go wide as Michael went off. How is that michaels fault? He clearly
    pushed him off the track

  • P. Mid 4 years ago

    I do think theres still a lot to watch/follow. Hamilton – excitement;
    Alonso – sheer determination; Vettel – precision; Webber – guts; Massa –
    heart; Kimi – racecraft/godgiven ability/endless enthusiasm (ok, you got
    me… I do love the awesome answers he gives in interviews tho!); Grosjean
    - never dull as you never know what your gonna get from him. Button –
    smooth, fluid style is a pleasure to watch; Sutil – KAMIKAZE!; i do rate
    the rest, especially BIANCHI!! (how long til he’s in a Ferrari??

  • Marcell Harmati 4 years ago

    What is the name of song?

  • Qualsiasi23 4 years ago

    oh thank you.. bel video cmq :D

  • Vivien Szarka 4 years ago

    What this music?????????????

  • ddexclusiv 4 years ago

    the song is from u2 i think, it is a soundtrack out of a val kilmer batman

  • P. Mid 4 years ago

    It annoys me that a large amount of the commentators/presenters/etc are
    getting more excited about the fast pit stops than they are about the
    racing. What does that say about the racing?

  • Marricio Téllez 4 years ago

    @wurble it’s evolution baby! , lol, now the f1 is boring!—since 2008

  • supobj 4 years ago

    chi sa il nome di questa canzone!!!???

  • LukeMLBarry 4 years ago

    why are everybody’s vids like this so shit

  • Despott 4 years ago

    this was the year I got into into formula 1. when you watch it every year
    you hardly notice how the cars have evolved over time. they look so
    different here.