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  • Alehud42 4 years ago

    1982 – a tragic but fascinating year.

  • Formula 1 Fans On Google+ 4 years ago

    #F1 #Formula1 #F1Classics 

  • Darkapprentice71 4 years ago

    RIP Riccardo Paletti

  • deadmarch101 4 years ago

    go on brian henton

  • honeybutterlover 4 years ago

    Much as I miss the glorious racing of those years,the Palletti accident was
    something I wish never to have witnessed.Such a shame,one of the most
    tragic fatalities in F1 history,along with Tom Pryce in 1977 and that
    Osella mechanic in 81…he didn’t even crash when racing,for God’s
    sake.Idiot behaviour by the stewards and the organizers.

  • nufcdazzla 4 years ago

    It was a real shame for Paletti, he stood no chance after suffering those
    internal injuries from that steering arm, but at least it did leave a
    legacy, this made front impact crash tests mandatory, RIP Riccardo Paletti,
    never forgotten

  • poussyledzep 4 years ago

    RIP GILLES and Palletti !! those were real men in dangerous cars not those
    puppets of nowadays driven by their playstation cars!!!

  • Fenders Optional 4 years ago

    #F1 #Formula1 #F1Classics