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  • uchubi 4 years ago

    Classic commentary from BBC’s Raymond Baxter. Watch for Colin Chapman’s
    scuffle with police [1:00] and that GINORMOUS slide from Jim Clark at the
    hairpin [11:00]

  • LtdBoomer 4 years ago

    thats what i call Racedriving.
    not this pussy-events of todays Formula One….

  • brad barber 4 years ago

    Is that the young Sebastian Vettel at 19:07 trying to get a handshake in
    his little Ferrari jacket? -just kidding-

  • Cabinessance 4 years ago

    I can remember watching this live on the BBC. They used to show a film in
    the middle of Grands Prix races in those days!

  • hariznl 4 years ago

    Lucky you! You’ve seen F1 evolve, watch legends go mental in those 60′s
    cars, see the amazing 70′s and 80′s era. And you saw legends unfortunately