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  • TSC News 3 years ago

    Kevin Marshall Interview Time Codes: Former WWE writer Kevin Marshall on
    State of Wrestling, MMA industry

    01:25 Working in WWE
    03:30 Joining WWE Creative
    05:33 How hands-on is Vince McMahon?
    07:27 Meeting Vince McMahon: Intimidated?
    08:40 TNA Impact Wrestling star Abyss/Joseph Park
    09:00 Celebrities/Hero-Worshipping
    11:27 Randy Orton
    12:50 Three hour Monday Night Raw
    13:35 Scripted promos
    15:50 WWE Superstars pitching ideas to creative
    19:06 TNA Impact Wrestling: Is this end?
    20:55 The fall of TNA Impact Wrestling
    24:04 Dixie Carter, Stephanie McMahon
    26:00 Comparing 2014 to 2001 (when ECW and WCW died)
    28:50 WWE Network problems
    30:30 WWE Network technical issues, PPV revenue
    32:34 Lack of on-demand content
    35:00 WWE Network vs. UFC Fight Pass
    36:55 Retirements of Wanderlei Silva, Chael Sonnen
    44:38 UFC’s treatment of fighters
    45:26 Ben Askren speaking out against UFC, Dana White
    46:06 UFC’s PPV and injury woes, State of UFC
    50:20 Dana White a detriment to UFC?
    55:35 Triple H on UFC, MMA
    57:24 Ronda Rousey, State of Women’s MMA, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF 20)
    01:00:20 Working at Spike TV
    01:01:44 Bellator MMA: Bjorn Rebney, Scott Coker
    01:08:18 Working with Road Dogg, Calling him out on Raw
    01:12:36 Who’s WWE World Heavyweight Champion after WrestleMania 31? Roman
    Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose.
    01:13:26 John Cena winning WWE Title anytime soon?
    01:14:06 Billy Gunn Dolph Ziggler’s father?
    01:14:22 WWE NXT: Top prospects?
    01:17:25 WWE stubborn in pushing new talent, Daniel Bryan, Cena
    01:19:50 Why Cena is a great worker
    01:21:08 Lonely Virgil
    01:21:43 El Dandy, Lucha Libre: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Atlantis
    01:24:53 The Undertaker losing at WrestleMania 30 to Brock Lesnar (end of
    The Streak)
    01:29:06 Life advice from Kevin Marshall

  • Arun Machanickal 3 years ago

    Great interview!

  • TSC News 3 years ago

    Check out our awesome interview with former #WWE writer @KevinMarshall!