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  • waterfordel 4 years ago

    I’m wondering if Freestyle Fighting Academy is associated with American Top
    Team. Probably not, but its obvious that the MMA camps are really good.

  • Alessandro Tondo 4 years ago

    The title of the song, Please !

  • elmauroarg 4 years ago

    que canal tan hermoso !!!

  • reduvio 4 years ago

    the brunette is such a hottie

  • letsfightinglove00 4 years ago

    You can make it into a kimura with that grip, but I think in this case she
    just twists a little to drive into her arm. Easier to just squeeze
    everything together from that grip in side control though. (That’s how
    Marcelo Garcia does it.) But maybe it doesn’t work on their skinny arms.

  • aaronCapricorn 4 years ago

    <3 : )

  • winters war 4 years ago

    your arm is being ripped of its socket. the force that is aplied is keeping
    you on the mat while that is happening. you othe arm and legs are free
    thought so while this is happening you have many ways of countering and
    freeing yourself

  • chatanwarrior 4 years ago

    what prevents the opponent from breaking loose? it seems like if she wanted
    to she’d be free as soon as you started walking

  • SolSmoke 4 years ago

    do you guys do anything besides ground work?

  • casperboy2111 4 years ago

    Man, Elaina? (the blackhair girl), she is so pretty, and sexy… She’s so
    wonderfull, I guesse i’m in luv with her!! When I discover this channel, i
    just see some pretty blondies girls, very very pretty.. But, she is the
    most amazing girl, and I luv to see her vids… And I dont talk about from
    bra, butt, etc no way, i talk about she in person, not only body… hugs
    and kisses from brazil….

  • RockofCimmeria 4 years ago

    Is it not a shoulder lock rather than forearm slicer?

  • avenged7x400 4 years ago

    i know that feel bro

  • cb7pwn 4 years ago

    wish i was the punching bag at the beginning.

  • John Westerterp 4 years ago