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  • m0ments-have-you 3 years ago

    when i watch mayweather it’s impressive.
    But i liken it to a crazy heavy metal guitar solo just playing as many
    notes as he can with no soul.
    I’d much rather listen to a simple guitar solo with lots of heart, soul and

    These types of fights are what make boxing a great sport and not just a
    skill sport.
    These fights show the true heart of a boxer and the will they have to win
    for their own pride. These guys are prepared to risk everything to gain
    Nothing beats this.

  • Keyaan Ali 3 years ago

    hands down, fight of the century

  • A Roces 3 years ago

    why didn’t they show this in the movie fighter?

  • Bascorasco 3 years ago

    Two unskilled brawlers. When Mayweather fought Gatti we really saw the
    difference between an elite boxer and a primitive street brawler.

  • Juan Mercado 3 years ago

    referees nw days fukn suck, if they would to see a fight like this they
    would stop it, and kill it for the fans.

  • GorillaMastah 3 years ago

    To whatever Deity you worship .. those body shots from both warriors are
    fucking amazing.

  • faze kush 3 years ago

    This is a fight! Fuck Floyd and his running, wish their was more matches
    like this aside from morales vs paquaio and Barrera vs Morales .

  • LFCOLDSCHOOL 3 years ago

    Forget the bigmouth greats, these 2 showed great courage, respect and
    became great friends. Gatti was the superior boxer but Ward would stand and
    trade with anyone. Gatti’s problem was he enjoyed a scrap, he could have
    done so much more if he hadn’t been drawn into so many wars. Great respect
    for 2 warriors. RIP Gatti

  • CrazyLegsMcGee 3 years ago

    One of the best match of all time! Unbelievable. Wish I was there for this

  • Krug Stillo 3 years ago

    Oh Gatti……That guy gave us some great matches……..Rest in peace bro

  • m0ments-have-you 3 years ago

    I’m going to go ahead and call it.

    This is the best fight i’ve ever seen.

  • MLGTroy1 3 years ago

    this was more exiciting than anything in ufc i can remember and i dont know
    who these little guys were.

  • Scott provost 3 years ago

    When I used to watch boxing, I always hoped to see a fight like this….
    And never did til I watch gotti vs ward 1. Best fight I’ve ever seen

  • Brent Strathdee-Pehi 3 years ago

    both guys hardcore WARRIORS!

  • Howie Green 3 years ago

    When Ward threw that 80 punch combo!! Jesus lighting fast. 1:30

  • Thomas Cameron 3 years ago

    Great fighter me n gattie hung out on a shuttle bus at foxwoods casino
    after a fight great guy, warriors Micky ward both very inspiring . huge
    respect. Fight hard, . fight harder than the other guy. I have a lot of
    fight left in me Rippertimeisnow

  • Ronald Henderson 3 years ago

    Irish Mickey Ward is something special. I give props 2 all Irish fighters
    like Ward based on shear toughness alone. He really showed the Celt Century
    Warrior in this fight! Much respect cuz these guys were really trying 2
    kill one another!

  • Kyle Max 3 years ago

    Is this the best fight ive ever seen? 

  • Benjam Dabrisco 3 years ago

    What a fight! Those guys showed a lot of heart.

  • Родион Исмагилов 3 years ago

    Невероятный бой, столько пропущенных ударов с обоих сторон, я не видел не в
    дном другом боксёрском поединке. 

  • gokii polat 3 years ago

    larry merhant getting on my nerves, 3 years to string together 1 sentence ,
    ffs fire him already

  • HupfDole87 3 years ago

    HOW THE FUCK are they still alive after that pounding, let alone
    conscious?!?! I haven´t seen anything like that.. EVER!! unbelievable what
    they took in, i am baffled how a human beeing can be on his feet after so
    many hard and deadly punches! Are they still alright? i wouldnt be
    surprised if they got permanent damage after that beating!

  • flip92 3 years ago

    Does Gatti block punches with his face? Respect these guys got heart got me
    feeling like a bitch

  • Thomas Cameron 3 years ago

    R. I. P. Gattie ward u r a warrior. Thanks for your friendship and
    inspiration. I love it, and the fights with Ivan Robinson great fighters
    I’m glad I met u both.

  • sup3rfunk 3 years ago

    for me fight of the century together with ali vs frazier III and corralles
    vs castillo