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  • Pearson Allen 4 years ago

    Lol he cried 

  • Dexter Haven 4 years ago

    3:55 they picked the one LOSING training camp he had out of all! Tough luck
    for this video. It would be better to see a winning camp by him. Cain was
    not 100% for that first fight vs. JDS.

  • yogocomedy 4 years ago

    Mark ellis might have been banging Javi’s wife on the low

  • meiyo8 4 years ago

    The problem with stupid people is that they’re too stupid to know that.
    Phil Baroni is one of those people. He’s just a fucking dip shit and he’s
    wondering how he got there haha

  • livibam 4 years ago

    Beroni is funny… always loved his character 

  • calin marincus 4 years ago

    Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!! real fights, real fighters real ko`s!

  • Pearson Allen 4 years ago

    Mark ellis sucks

  • MaharlikaAWA 4 years ago

    It is fine he is mexican ethnically and all but why cant he show some
    american patriotism since he was born here and the United States made his
    entire lifestyle and ream possible? After all his dad came here illegally
    and married his mom who was born here and obviously living here made their
    lives better. I am just getting a little annoyed at the brwon pride and
    mexican flag waving. I am sure I will get plenty of thumbs down for this
    but I dont care. Its true. 

  • Richard Shapiro 4 years ago

    “if they are 100% going into a fight, they didn’t train hard enough”?
    people in MMA gotta learn that training safely so you get to the fight in
    top shape and 100%, is a key to a long career and THE key to having
    superlative performances in the ring. I know this is not how most people
    do it, but it’s the truth. 

  • A FiftyCal 4 years ago


  • jozsefkacsa 4 years ago

    A.K.A.,American Top Team,Tristar Gym,Nova Uniao and Jackson’s-Winkeljohn’s
    MMA are the top 5 MMA Teams/GYMs!

  • smash crooks 4 years ago

    I have a feeling javiers wife bangs some of the fighters

  • Tulani Theo Tau 4 years ago

    i think he sucks

  • BUGBOSS 4 years ago

    thats fighter is so mentally weak, and what a disrespectful shit to his

  • Judah L-P 4 years ago

    Javier comes off as a douche in this video. Seems kinda arrogant. Not sure
    how accurate that is though

  • TheWhite Lazarus 4 years ago

    Bob Cock

  • Tin Cat 4 years ago

    Mark was really hard on himself and really under rated his opponent. He
    lost to a guy who was 6 and 1, and is now 12 and 3 fighting in Bellator
    against good guys.

    No shame in that. 

  • Dale MacKnowed 4 years ago

    He quit sparing because he got beat up in class…….REALLY…. Come on
    man, Be a man ! Thats what the fight game is all about. If your not
    getting beat up in class by tougher guys your not going to know how to
    handle yourself once things get tough in the ring.

  • Chinmay Biliya 4 years ago

    Why is this thing titled Cain Velasquez? It had more footage of Mark Ellis

  • Hassan Khan 4 years ago

    Ill fokin kick da shit out of cain and the boiz

  • Rick Rampager Singh 4 years ago

    Cain and Jones are tied for p4p number 1 fighter. 

  • daramgeee 4 years ago

    Bob is an asshole

  • mark murp 4 years ago

    przemek zgliwic…. REALLY? thats a pretty dumb comment.

  • Dave R 4 years ago

    36:52 its that bj penn if it is, you wanna be a mma fighter u don’t just
    walk right by bj fucking penn!!!!! and not show respect that’s like me
    wanted to be in the nba walking right by kobe ,bird, magic,barkley with
    not saying a word

  • Esben Haulinch 4 years ago

    Ryan martinez is fucking good