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  • Angrut 4 years ago


  • Manny Napman Plankquiao 4 years ago

    Rigondeaux gave this bozo the beating of his life and Donaire is scared to
    fight him on a rematch

  • BestBuildPC Power of imagination 4 years ago

    This is what I am talking about. Here you can see how Nonito is fighting
    with a weak opponent and you think he was the best but when he fought
    Rigondeaux he was completely different. If you say this fight was equal
    then u really don’t know anything about boxing.

  • virusi1987 4 years ago

    what a stupid ref!

  • marc ivan Manalac 4 years ago

    he was catching him with that counter left all day

  • Tiffany Hoggarth 4 years ago

    Just by the name of your account tells me alot about you. The Comment below
    me.. hey asian fighter are good . ..they prove themself..coming overseas
    ..and they explode in the ring I buy fights like these all day long..and
    watch it over and over again..easy fight I won’t pay..idk what yal
    say..call me whatever ..but it like you saying would you like to pay to see
    a 12yr fight against a 18yr ./now days most you guys will say yea..
    -cowards – and a mess up era

  • BOBO KA 4 years ago

    Losing is part of the game. Don’t fight if you’re afraid to lose. Be like
    Mayweather then…..

  • Francisco Martinez 4 years ago

    what happen montiel was a beast back then when they fought.

  • bryan rivera 4 years ago

    the donaire wins the rigo vs donaire fight…

  • Zizek21 4 years ago

    The best moment 1:20 hahaha

  • David Salcido 4 years ago


  • Michael Faustino 4 years ago

    it also landed on Rigondaux that caused him down at rd. 10, but that guy
    just was just strong

  • muxhi anone 4 years ago


  • Speedy Gonzales 4 years ago

    donaire did drop rigo with knock down!!! but thats not enough to win the

  • Box24seven 4 years ago

    donaire was fighting like margarito when he fought rigondeaux

  • Jave Xtian 4 years ago

    but The most boring opponent that Donaire had is “Rigondeaux’.

  • yasirviolent 4 years ago

    devastating knock out

  • Raimundo Gomes 4 years ago

    estremecedor nokaut

  • martin saavedra 4 years ago

    that ref is an asshole for letting him continue. he was still throwing
    punches while he was down, that should tell you to stop the fight.

  • jandry12 4 years ago

    Why didnt you landed vs Rigondeaux??

  • Melvin Rosales 4 years ago

    Have you ever heard of mike tyson? or manny pacquiao maybe?Don’t get me
    wrong, Nonito got a sick left hook and I hope you’re exaggerating for
    saying that!

  • EffTheFrEEwOrLd12 4 years ago

    dat was a nice counter from donaire

  • Ray Yutuc 4 years ago

    Montiel was knocked the fuck out. Lol

  • quiasnoorzad 4 years ago

    I’m talking boxing right now, donaire has the best left hook in boxing
    today by far! Yes mike tyson has a vicious left hook as well…manny
    pacquiao is not known for his left hook, he’s known for that straight left
    hand followed by a right hook!

  • Ernest Szots 4 years ago

    Never gets old…