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  • ghosthunter2006 3 years ago

    mark hunt is such a cool guy… Fedor is awesome no doubt. But somehow i
    respect Mark more as a fighter. Don’t ask me why.. :)

  • Serhan Ogan 3 years ago

    I wonder why Hunt did not take the fight to the ground with JDS? Wouldn’t a
    I guy who can give Fedor this much of trouble on the ground could beat JDS
    on the mat?

  • joel sassen 3 years ago

    I can say this is one of the most boring fights I have ever had the
    misfortune of enduring. Saying this I am Mark Hunts 2nd cousin and damn it
    still dont save the torture of this fight

  • MrScott1567 3 years ago

    I love both these guys, love this fight.. WELL DONE Mark Hunt up there with
    points till then… Fedor the Legend pulls it out as expected. Mark did
    some awesome ground work considering. Good stuff man for posting.. 

  • Dan0101010101010 3 years ago

    I like how Mark Hunt without any Judo or wrestling experience (and fedor an
    expert at judo mixed with russian folk style wrestling) was ridiculously
    hard to take down due to his low centre of gravity short rhino legs and
    immense strength. 

  • Pianoman M 3 years ago


  • Julian Ivanov 3 years ago

    is great

  • Gilmar Kraus 3 years ago


  • serpiente de cascabel 3 years ago

    La leyenda el gran fedor emelianenko

  • Theparticle Weaponon 3 years ago

    fedor was sick and had a high temperature, his coach wanted to forfeit this
    fight. fedor didn’t. its why he looked slow and laggy. mark was still
    impressive though. fedor underestimated him obviously. he should have set
    the fight for another date.

  • Sergey Slavikovskiy 3 years ago

    fedya lychshiy boec!!!

  • Waiki Tuimaseve 3 years ago

    Vinny! Having a broken bone was part of the sport! There is no excuse if
    you’re injured from practicng or anything, it’s all part of being a loser!

  • YOUENNNN 3 years ago

    2 of the best fighters ever

  • Dustin Dunbar 3 years ago

    2:09 superb smart take down right there

  • Daniel Andres SUDA 3 years ago

    dont forget anderson silva record in the ufc 15-0(according to dana “the
    best fighter ever) pride record 5-2 (pride never talk about it)

  • Contrastos 3 years ago

    Mark Hunt is a strong mother fucker …

  • UltraEpicLoser 3 years ago

    he had a pretty good ground game

  • TouchFootballOntario 3 years ago

    I’m sure Fedor would react accordingly, but side mount begs for elbows.
    Things might have been different, especially if Brock was smashing down on
    him. I hope we get to see that fight one day, but first things first, Fedor
    needs to show the world what a fluke the Werdum sub was. I wouldn’t mind
    watching Fedor beat the juice out of Barnett too I tihnk I’d prefer Fedor
    vs Cain above all, two super quick/athletic HW’s would be epic!

  • HeyitsFrankinStoner 3 years ago

    ADCC hunt

  • loool070 3 years ago

    funny how he got submitted by the kimura after he was told to watch out
    from it .

  • MJHOOKEDONMMA 3 years ago

    this fight was fixed

  • AFGalwayz 3 years ago

    lol lookout UFC HW title…mark hunt is now a contender lol

  • Dongeda22 3 years ago

    @DANAandBROCKFUCK lol the guy posted that comments 2 months ago, he didnt
    know bout the fight :P but anyway yea fedor will win in the rematch

  • alen islamovic 3 years ago

    saying some pussy that didnt fought before

  • Ariel Domínguez 3 years ago

    gosh, mark hunt was sooooo close of the submision in the Americana he only
    needed to put fedor´s arms straight, not bend. then pull and he wold get
    the submission. i mean, thats the way Fedor does it.