Okay not ALL of it, but this episode does cover heaps … – A bit more on the proposed medal system, save us FIA! – Mark Webber’s accident – Toro Rosso, exit Berger. Now for sale? -…
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  • StevenJeNova 3 years ago

    I doubt it. Shouldn’t they’ve reached that already, if so? Ah, we’ll see.

  • ab8jeh 3 years ago

    guys I agree, but really… Massa didn’t win 6 to 5 against Hamilton unless
    you believe the FIA. Get well soon Mark!

  • TheRealJakeKool 3 years ago

    Thanks USA politicians, credit crisis, bankers, Wall St, frauds and thieves
    within those companies, and all the others to blame: you are all wankers

  • TheRealJakeKool 3 years ago

    Proper action.. hahaha. Giving free money to the banks, basically stealing
    it from taxpayers by diluting every dollar out there.. The only time proper
    action will come is when all currencies are backed by GOLD. This won’t
    happen for some time, but when it does it will be ugly. Gold will be worth
    a lot lot lot more than it is now, in paper terms.

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    Dude, yeah it’s tough to leave. Last month, Pep said to me, “Max, stop
    being so cool will you?” I said O.K. It was tough for me to leave coolness.
    But….I’m drunk! – Max

  • StevenJeNova 3 years ago

    Face it, as a driver it must be tough to leave F1. One probably want to be
    there so bad you’d do practically anything to stay. And inexperienced teams
    cherish experience so go figure. Talking up ones abilities sometimes get
    parodical (Heikki!). But in the case of Rubens it’s just a travesty, I
    think. Lucky for us there’s a lot goin on during this off-season. Thanks
    again, guys! – S

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    Mate what is going on?? LOL, nice one. (Pep)

  • madmarco245 3 years ago

    True that. But recessions have been a common thing since the 1900s, what
    comes up must come down. We’ll just have to sit tight and hope for the
    best. We are passengers, and we have to wait for the governments to take
    porper action.

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    Two words…..YOU ROCK! – Max

  • ισττσº 3 years ago

    Button is funny, every year is the same. I no longer know whether Button is
    any good or not. I think he struggles to develope a car but then what do i
    know. Lets see if he can beat his team mate next year. As for medals just
    watching your Villeneuve Vs Arnoux favourite vid proves the medal idea is
    shite. Its down to driver mentality. Do you think they were even thinking
    about the points? i doubt it, they just wanted to beat one another no
    matter what. Few drivers today have that way of thinking

  • janosvoron 3 years ago

    Spot On!!!!!

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    No dude, not at all. If anything, I think Pep and I have been pretty
    complimentary of Lewis. We were both very happy for him to win the Driver’s
    WC this year. Our comments say as such. – Max

  • StevenJeNova 3 years ago

    It’s a human right to be drunk. :) And I bought a case of VB’s, damnit!
    (for a party on the 20′th)

  • NordicSpirit 3 years ago

    Why more points for P1? To ensure, Mas has a better chance next year?
    Sometimes you seem not too happy with Lewis/McL… I totally agree with
    your view of Kub. He’s a driver that can do the talking on the track and
    doesn’t need Alo-style team bashing… What about dignity with respect to
    DC’s career ending… Thanks for making videos – with you two off season is
    still horrible, but not that horrible after all.

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    ROFL – You slay me!!!!! – Max

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    Watch out MathewCeltic, he means business…..serious business! I’n drunk –

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    Me either. Let’s kep our fingers crossed though. – Max

  • ByronleeS 3 years ago

    speak for yourself. 2006-next year we’ll improve even more, whoopie!!!
    2007-things can’t get much worse than this! 2008-Alright, it can! Dumbo
    wings, oh dumbo wings, how Steadfast (useless) are your dumbo wings? (in
    the tune of Oh Cristmas Tree)

  • didickcheeseburger 3 years ago

    i think the best way to change the point system would be to raise points
    for everyone. for example: 14,12,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. 1st and 8th are
    still separated by 9 points with the only difference being points are
    awarded all the way down to 12th place. i think it would work good because
    its more punishment for inconsistency. if you retire your offset 14 points
    from the winner instead of 10.

  • beeDUB75 3 years ago

    The 2003 British GP was Rubens at his best. It was a mega drive and for
    that performance alone he deserves to leave F1 on his terms. It is a little
    sad him in effect pleading for a drive somewhere. Though a backmarker team
    is essentially where he’s been since 2007 anyway, a move anywhere would be
    a step up. Latest I heard on medals is it is by no means supported by the
    teams and unlikely for 2009. Thank christ.

  • dkfone 3 years ago

    Off season is horrible. Your videos are the only f1 fix 1 get. Keep them
    coming please?

  • madmarco245 3 years ago

    It’s a real shame about Honda… So, this is proof. F1 is not “credit
    crisis” proof. Reanault and Toyota are in threat too. FIA need to act fast.

  • 954freshbacon 3 years ago

    how sweet would it be to have a street race in Sydneys CBD ….I would even
    move back to Surry Hills

  • stren 3 years ago

    Kubica has been saying nothing new, why is this still newsworthy ?

  • F1Podcast 3 years ago

    We will mate, no need to worry! Thanks for your comment – Max