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  • TA Agenda 4 years ago

    Don’t know if people know this but Red Bull were the ones to push for the
    2012 tyre compound after Silverstone, Red Bull were struggling and Newey
    said the cars potential wasn’t being reached on the 2013 compound, the
    tyres were changed after they had talks with Bernie.

    The only reason Red Bull dominated this season is because Bernie allowed it
    by talking to the FIA, he wants Horner to replace him and it’s clear
    favouritism. F1 has become corrupt, the rules are pathetic and the drivers
    no longer race, they tyre manage.

  • belfibe 4 years ago

    THE TRUTH is that since 2010 the world of Formula 1 has been distorted to
    make it more interesting. Ferrari , Williams, McLaren , teams which have
    been damaged after a revolution on the regulations . Quite simply the team
    Red Bull was clearly favored to be able to make it more competitive and
    then trying to be able to collect that interest on the formula which had
    waned .
    The interest of Formula 1 in the years 2008/2010 has touched the bottom ,
    and by doing so they wanted to bring the Formula 1 back to important
    Unfortunately, doing so has ruined a sport that today has an interest equal
    to moto GP if not less .
    I am an aeronautical engineer , and I will not go into intricate details ,
    unfortunately the advantage of Red Bull on the big is remarkable, that
    advantage has delayed the development of the car.
    A standardized level the gap can not be bridged before 3/4 years , and it
    is what we have seen in recent years.
    I’m sorry for the fans of Red Bull, but it was a historical concept of F1
    to do know .

  • Romina Baldacchino 4 years ago

    Pirelli are not the problem its just that the fia told them to make tyres
    which ware out quickly

  • TheAdrian9584able 4 years ago

    Atleast their rain tyres are decent…

  • IC3DIC3 4 years ago

    Nokia tyres to F1.

  • Gildardo Terriquez 4 years ago


  • MrTripsJ 4 years ago

    Pirellis are sexy but yeah I’d want fuel back!!

  • Samuel Melcher 4 years ago

    The description of the Prirelli tires for 2013.

    F1 2013 – The new Pirelli Formula 1 tyres for 2013

  • Danileyko Dmitry 4 years ago

    Pirelli created new wideo with introducing of new tires for #f12013 . It’s
    very interesting to see how it will work on track.

  • Özgür Çayır 4 years ago
  • TheProkonover 4 years ago

    yeah, Lotus, Ferrari and Force India tried to understand this tyres, they
    did it and their times was awesome, Red Bull worked on aerodinamics, at
    half season u changed tyres for a better to Red Bull and they won 12 races
    in a row….

  • Kol Tregaskes 4 years ago

    *The new Pirelli Formula 1 tyres for 2013*
    #sport #f1 #kolt #t

  • Admiral_Awesome 4 years ago

    Sorry I wasn’t clear. The current ban was in force since 2010 not 06 as you
    stated earlier.

  • yellow5n 4 years ago

    but will they fit on my honda?

  • Hammer2787 4 years ago

    i see what they mean by a more representative car they were using a car
    with no anti-roll bar

  • eloria1965 4 years ago

    I would agree with you but the speeds of F1 dictate the use of a SC.Just
    remember what happened to Alonso at Interlagos 2003.SC periods nowadays are
    too long and for sure at times the SC use is unnecessary(for example when
    it rains) but afterall i think that it’s for the best.

  • maladsyko 4 years ago

    coz it’s simply the longest speed racing ( after NASCAR ), coz it’s the top
    speed motor racing, it have to be the longest. But in NASCAR, there’s an
    obvious refuelling and “dealing with crashes and yellows” strategy key
    side, it’s just not the F1 “philosophy”. It’s unnatural

  • Rafael Smithsmythsmith 4 years ago

    Basically they had three main objectives and they failed them all.

  • MrBajaboy5b 4 years ago

    Another reason why they wear so quickly is because the tires are soft, even
    the hard is rather softer than most race tires plus the loads of F1 tires
    are much greater due to the amount of downforce etc.

  • JasonMann8 4 years ago

    bro, an extra 150bhp at LEAST

  • SadSmileX1 4 years ago

    Reduce Blistering….What?

  • LukeRM 4 years ago

    I wish Bridgestone would come back to F1…….. It’s now all about the
    tyres and race strategy, with hardly and drivers being allowed to give it
    100% for more than one lap of a GP.

  • BergheVonTrips1 4 years ago

    Screw these tyres, and let the sport take over the show again please.

  • 4g63attack 4 years ago

    I would like to see the Pirelli going up against the old Michelin and
    Bridgestone tires

  • Victor Campos 4 years ago

    this season you will