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  • Rodrigo Honorato 4 years ago

    began with the Renault of Nelson Piquet crashed on purpose because favoring

  • mario kubica 4 years ago

    Roberto K !!!

  • Michael Roberts 4 years ago

    F1 today is considerably worse than it was in 2008, in my opnion. In 2008,
    there was no traction control, no kers, no drs so the driver had to do the
    actual overtaking, and there were just grooved tyres. Today, no traction
    control, but there is kers and drs and slick tyres and blah blah blah. Any
    pure racing? Minuscule amounts at best, but the drivers still have to press
    buttons to overtake, as opposed to a bit of do it your damn self!!

  • Sergio Pinto 4 years ago

    No, massa deserved WDC because glock was a looser and let hamilton pass

  • serferaaz JeWeet 4 years ago


  • jibawakee 4 years ago

    LOL thats why Hamilton has a seat in f1 whereas massa is barely getting

  • TheBf3Gamer 4 years ago

    im do a like but no hi am a suscribeer

  • 123Elpadron 4 years ago

    well fuck this glock was 28 seconds in front of Lewis Hamilton so fuck that
    race Ferrari deserved to Win ;)

  • TheDudeAb1de5 4 years ago

    They both had plenty of reason to deserve it. The title was not won/lost by
    much, and that goes to show how entertaining of a season it was. I remember
    Massa for his gritty determination and his fighting spirit. The fact that
    he had one of the closest seconds in title history illustrates that. That
    made him a great personality to cheer for. However, even if I damned Lewis
    at the time, he drove one helluva season and I can’t deny him what he
    worked so hard for. One of the best seasons ever.

  • thomas schenck 4 years ago

    what the title of the second song of the video? please respond me Bye

  • everythingman987 4 years ago

    Both of them did

  • Manu novantotto 4 years ago

    mi fa piangere questo video povero massa doveva vincere lui il titolo
    stronzo glock

  • Bogdan Mihai 4 years ago

    8:08 where can i find a video about that?

  • Luciano Zampa 4 years ago

    bye bye ferrari

  • marc22175 4 years ago

    What a Song?

  • 32bom 4 years ago

    Orson – Ain’t No Party

  • Mateusz Szynal 4 years ago

    Glock wasnt purchased. Lewis did few mistakes too . Canada, Hungary, bad
    races in Turkey, Spain…

  • Chevy Balzer 4 years ago

    There were several occasions here where lewis was let down by his Car,
    Singapore, was a sure win, Abu Dhabi was a sure win That brings lewis up to
    240 pts right there, nevermind him getting wiped out by Hulkenberg or
    maldonado or grosjean..lewis lost this years championship by no fault of
    his own.

  • marc22175 4 years ago

    What a one song?

  • kryptonic4u75 4 years ago

    Hamilton is 2008 world champion. can youuuuu DIGG it sucka??

  • minimatt18896 4 years ago

    apart from 2012, most of the time he has put himself out of the running,
    besides, lewis wouldnt have won this year anyway, with those two wins, it
    only would of made alonso champion

  • Pēteris Rakuls 4 years ago

    Well, at least Massa was champion for some 30 seconds.

  • Paha Bur 4 years ago

    lucky hamilton dont deserve this title just look at 2:40

  • 12345jordyfly 4 years ago

    Hopefully the 2012 season will finish in similar dramatic fashion

  • MinecraftAflNascarF1 4 years ago

    5:29 Vettel’s Frist Win